Davina Ulitmate Target


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Hi, yes I have. I'm a huge fan of Davina's dvds. I have all but the pregnancy one.

I watched the new one before trying it & felt a little disappointed feeling they'd gone back to quite basic moves with the workouts but once I tried them I took it back! They're hard work & I really feel them working. I love boxing & weights so I've done the bootcamp a few times & I've tried the workout before that one once. I think these are a little harder as they're a solid 30 minutes whereas a few of her others are 30 minutes including the warm up & cool down.

If you're a fan of Davina buy it! You could always see if anyone has posted some of the workouts on YouTube & see what you think.


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Ive got it, and I think its fab!

I did body buff last year and loved it. I think this ones even better! I'm all up for toning this year so the 'boot camp' section looks like it'll be brill for that.

I cant comment on results yet as Ive only had it a week, but I think it should do the trick.

The cardio section on the newer one is a killer compared to Body Buff, but to me, that only means it'll work better! xx

Get it!


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I have this! First ever Davina one I've bought and used it for the first time a few days ago and thought it was fab! Only just stopped aching from it lol. Made me realise how unfit I am, but I imagine if I stick at it I will start to see change. I also bought the new Jenifer Ellison one but yet to try it, has anyone else tried this?