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Day 1: 20th April


A New Woman
Hie everyone! I start LT tomorrow and have spent the last couple of days low-carbing and upping my water intake.
I've spent all day today with a raging headache but am not yet in ketosis according to my ketostix. I wonder what will happen tomorrow.
I weighed in at almighty 104kg and I want to get down to 70kg.
I was happiest at Size 14 many years ago before marriage, two children and divorce!
I'm Size 22 now and really look terrible, but I have taken some pics today and hopefully I'll soon be proudly parading them as "Before" pics.
Any tips for tomorrow?
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just........choose to think positive, choose to drink water and eat your alloted food and dont miss any, choose not to cheat, choose to wrap up warm, choose to keep your mind active, choose keep yourself active, choose to use minimins lots, choose to talk about sex a lot, choose to think about sex a lot, choose to think how thin you want to be, and choose to think how fat you dont want to be, choose your new wardrobe, choose LT choose to be HAPPY!


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Hi and welcome hun, it will get loads easier honestly! Loads of water is a must and in a few days you will be in ketosis! Well done and good luck xxx
Best of luck Maka. Keep posting to let us know how you are getting on. Stay focused and take one day at a time. I am sure you will be fine. Julia x


A New Woman
Fattothin...TracyJ....you guys are inspirational! I have been reading a lot of your posts and for tonight: thank you for responding. I'm trying to view this as my wonderful little secret, but not being able to pick up my phone/email my friends about it got me feeling lonely. Now I feel so much more positive. Do I just have to grin and bear the headaches or can I take paracetamol?


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Aww thanks hun, paracetamol are fine! No need to feel lonely at all somebody is always here to cheer you up if your down etc or in Garrys case...seduce you! Just try to stay positive and as you can tell the results speak for themselves xxx


Says it as it is!!!
Good luck, Garry is right and also Sleep lots lol
Hi Maka,

I'd just like to back up what everyone else has said...loads of water, don't miss any shakes and stay positive.

Welcome aboard and good luck with your journey:D
I wouldnt exercise for a few weeks hun as you might feel a little lightheaded. I started about half way through with toning exercises xx
good luck honey and stay with us, you will in keto in no time at all and starting to uptake in water and decrease in carbs is the right way to go. keep us posted. xxx


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Trainspotting or what Garry lol deadly film!!!

Hi and welcome you'll be a skinny little minx in no time
we're a great bunch of people you'll love us lol

Best of luck x
Good luck, you'll be fine. I'm in the same boat,kids, hubby bailed out and life got in the way.It happens, sh+t happens. This will be great for you!I found once I got over the first week it got easier.I felt like giving up after day 2, 3 and 4 but I told myself that I owed myself a weeks trial and I'm awful for self sabotage, so give it a week and then decide.That worked for me!.Michelle 3 stone lighter! Since the 3rd week,I excercise every 2nd night. One hour on my treadmill 500cals burned. Good luck!support in here is great, no bitchness just common sense and a friendly ear. You'll do great


Back again - hey ho!
Hiya Maka, sounds like you're gonna get you teeth into this diet and start living again :D Best of luck to you, and welcome :) xxx


A New Woman
I'VE SURVIVED DAY 1...I'm going to have a shake in the next half an hour and then bed-time. I was so busy and distracted all day and yesterday's headache went WITHOUT resorting to paracetamol. I'm feeling so upbeat right now and rather excited because I just know I'll find the week easier(I rarely eat at work and then end up stuffing myself from 5pm onwards!) But this time it will just be my packs. Do I have to space my packs out through the day or can I start having them from late afternoon onwards?


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LOL told ya noone can resist us tee hee

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