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Day 1.. First shake.

OK so its day one! Woke up feeling ridiculously nervous and apprehensive as to what today was going to be like! Am just about to have my first shake (choc mint) As i woke up late n have been too nervous to have anything more than tea!. I met my counsellor last night and i have all my flavours lined up along my kitchen table! I got choc mint, vanilla, butterscotch, cappucino shakes and spicy tomato and oriental chilli soups. Should i plan what i have each day or just take what i fancy?.. Then i could be left with all the nasty ones at the end though!..

I am feeling strong today through all the nerves as i simply cant wait for the weight to start dropping off! Mainly so i can start wearing clothes that are actually the style i want rather than the style i have to wear. Like i dress well but there's sooo many things i would love to wear but the flubber holds me back!. I also cant wait to have a weight loss story that could be an inspiration to someone like so many of yours on here have been to me. :)

Bring on day 1!.... (lets see if im this positive tonight :p)

Jess x

Oh no... Just realised i still have my kitchen cupboards to clear out of food... and my fridge and freezer.... Challenge number 1! :-s
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Keep on trying
HI IndigoMondays
You are gonna enjoy it - I was where you were last Saturday - Sun and Mon were the worst days - take paracetemol as a pre-caution against headaches and make sure you drink loads of water - the flavours are fun - mix it up a bit so you dont get bored - although my first 5 days I had nothing but chocolate! Hang in there and you will be someonelses inspirational story in no time!
Hey. :) Yeah iv got the paracetamol at hand and have drunk a litre of water already. woop woop! Iv just tried the tiniest amount of water flavouring aswell n it was lush! Just like those drinks u used to get when u were a kid that came in like a plastic square carton n u had to pop the straw through the lid?.... i loved those!!. :)

Thanks for the good luck wish lin! Your weight loss is incredible! Im so excited to follow in ya footsteps. :) x
Good luck. I think you'll find this is the best decision you ever made! The first few days are the worst-get through them and you can get through anything. Make sure you drink plenty of water, have some tablets handy in case of headaches and pamper yourself. If you find yourself wanting to pick at food come on here and look at the before and after photos. Guaranteed motivation!


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Good luck IndigoMondays and well done for choosing to do something about your weight, that's the hardest part as far as I'm concerned. Yeah, the first few days are gonna be the toughest but it's so so worth it. After a couple of weeks this diet will be like second nature to you. I love most of the shakes, I love the choc mint, but the tetra's are fab as well, did you get any of them? I love to add a choc tetra to my coffee throughout the day, it's gorgeous, and keeps the hunger at bay.
If you find you are struggling definitely come on here, you get great advice and support, it really helps during the hard parts.
Good luck again :)
My first day today too IndigoMondays. Feeling very much the same as you. One thing that has surprised me is how easy it has been to drink the water - I've never drank enough (well, not water anyway;)) but I've been so thirsty today that it's been easy. Must be the weather:happy036:

Good luck!:)
Hey hun!

I'm not gonna say good luck cos you don't need it, you just need to keep focused with the end result! I thought I'd never lose the weight, tried all kinds of diets and stupid slimming tablets, this is the only thing that has ever worked for me its brilliant! After the first 3 or 4 days (You have the sticks right?) you go into Ketosis which is a kinda high, you don't feel hungry! It's dead important to stay focused and not give in to anything, but the shakes are lovely, I freeze them, you can add pepper to the soup ect, I really enjoy mine! Once your in Ketosis you'll see how nice it is and you won't want to eat knowing you'll have the 3 day build up to get back in again! I started at 12 st 8. In the first week I dropped 11 pounds with no exercise! Im 100% sure you can do it hun, stick with it... before you know it you'll be the size you want to be!!!
So about to have my second shake, is fair to say im rather hungry am having a peppermint tea to try and make me last longer!. Have spent the day sunbathing so its been rather relaxing and not as difficult as i expected. :) Will have to see how tomorrow is!.

@Sparkles.. Iv been drinking tons of water and thankfully the sunbathing has kept me away from food so at the moment all is good!. Cannot stop peeing though is driving me insane!! haha.

@Polishrose.. Its taking alot of self control but im so motivated at the moment. cannot wait for my 3 days to be up though!!

@downsey.. Its taken me a few weeks to finally make the decision but im so ready! And the sunshine is definitely helping!! The choc mint shake is sooooo good!!! I was well happy, was terrified about not liking it as id bought 10 but i love it. Going to have it as my treat each day. :) Not really sure if i like coffee but may try it whilst im on this! Anything to have a variety. :)

@Milsey-Girl.. Good luck with your first day! Hows it going?. What shakes have you had?. Im farely good at keeping up with the water as it gives me something to do!.

@Daniel.. Good lucks help. :) Is always good to know people are behind me with my success. :) I cannot wait for my sticks to go purple!! This will all be worth it then. Not gonna try until my third day tho, dont want to be disappointed. Do you freeze the tetra bricks? Cos iv got a few of them to try them as icecream!.. cant imagine how u wud be able to freeze the sachets!. I have a few of the tomato soups so i can add curry powder to them. :) am rather excited!! Congrats on your weight loss! Is ace, i cant wait to share my losses with you all. :) My friend did this diet a few months ago and lost 2 n 1/2 stone in 3 weeks... i think its a man thing sadly :( haha im in this for the long haul though! woop

Thanks for everyones good lucks! Reckon i may try a soup now... or the butterscotch shake.. Cant decide! Oh the choices! hehe.



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Hey Jess..
Just wanted to wish you all the best on your cd journey. and well done for taking the plunge.. Dont be nervous hon.. its so exciting.. the first few days can be a little tough but you will get through them and be on the way to being SLIM.. I love clothes too.. and have turned into a shopaholic.. I was an 18 and now 12........... so loving being out there buying clothes...... cant keep me away and you will so be there too soon.
Stick with it and the pounds will be dropping off.......... xx

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