Day 1 Today

Lisa D

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Day 1 is difficult hun, but its worth it! You can and WILL get through the day!
Keep glugging that water and keep your eye on the prize! :D



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Good Luck Lisa, I am on day 2 today!

I found yesterday OK but I am rather hungry now :(

We can do this!!! Hope your day goes well!!



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Keep going Lisa and keep drinking the water - it will get better, you'll soon be in ketosis and then the feelings of hunger will disappear.

Good luck :)


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Hi Lisa, I am on day ONE as well.
Surprisingly not really feeling hungry - just hating the taste of shakes.
Well, will have to try them all to find one I like (if any)
Good luck with your journey hun xxx


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Best of luck, day one can feel a bit odd as you get used to CD, it gets so much better as the days pass by so hang on in there!


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I hope you had a good day Lisa and good luck for tomorrow hun