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Day 2 of being a good girl and...

... I can't stop eating!!

I feel so hungry, I'm looking for things to eat all the time :eek:
I've had lots of water but still feel hungry.

So far today I have eaten:

half a melon and blueberries with natural yoghurt for breakfast
A banana mid morning
Orzo pasta salad with lots of pepper, tomato, onion and beetroot
A punnet of cherries
And now I'm eating celery and cottage cheese
I can't wait for my dinner and it's only 3pm!

I think it's because I'm starting afresh, I really want to get back to my target weight and have a good start this week and perhaps because I'm thinking about it a lot I feel hungry. I don't know.

Anyone else feel the harder the want to try, the hungrier they (think) they feel?
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Yep im exact same!lol but the great thing is ur eatin all free n superfree foods so the weight will still be coming of u even tho ur eatin more, isnt it great!i love sw!x


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That's brilliant! Great choices, there.

When I get the ravenous hunger, I'm picking at Pringles or nibbling biscuits or stealing chocolate from the fridge.

I never feel like free foods when the hunger hits - well done you! :)


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You are a superstar- all of those foods are perfect so well done you.

Your body is just doing a bit of adjusting- it got used to holiday portions and is just doing a bit of complaining- shut it up with a strawberry!

This may sound a bit revolutionary, but there is nothing actually wrong with feeling hungry! It won't kill you, you aren't going to die of starvation, and if you look at it positively it is actually a good thing.

That's what I tell myself, anyway!


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I agree, you are handling this in exactly the right way, by filling up on those freebies.

I sometimes have really hungry weeks too, you just keep going and I reckon you'll have a fab loss this week xxxx

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