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Day 3 and really struggling....Help !


I am on day three and having a very low moment. I am feeling like i really cant do it but dont want to fail.

I cant say im absolutely starving but im just thinking about food all the time and dont know how i will manage the rest of today never mind 5 or 6 weeks.

Feel so stupid cause could really sit here and cry, i feel so short with everybody and just want to feel better. I feel the only way i am going to do that is by coming off LT and going back to trying to healthy eat. But silly as it sounds im just talking myself into it cause never managed to do that either which is why im trying this....

Oh my word i really am rambling arent i, anyway any help from anyone would relly help me at this moment in time.
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Hi mandie, i am on my 2nd attempt now although i have little to lose this time around. was on the diet for 5 and a half months last time and lost 8 and a half stone :) ....i know exactly how u feel as i felt a bit fed up my first few days again and really felt like i couldnt continue 'am on day 10 now' but i know deep inside me that i have to stick to this diet to be happy again, if i dont do something about my small gain now i will end up back to square one again.... i know this is different to ur situation BUT saying that we are still in the same boat.

Before i found myself trying to talk myself into going to healthy eating instead of lipotrim because i thought in the first week that i was never going to be able to do it, sit and really think about it, will you really be able to stick to a healthy diet long enough to lose the weight that you want to be happy with yourself?? i knew that i couldnt....you are missing food right now that is completely understandable but stick with it hun, when u have ur 1st weigh in in 4 days time u will know that it has been worth it and i promise you that you will also feel MUCH better within the next couple of days, i am not hungry whatsoever, my shake fills me up and i am actually glad to be on lipotrim again, it takes u away from food and helps you to sit back and look at the reasons why we got big in the first place.

i dont know how much you have to lose hun but it will be worth it !!!

run a nice warm bath, read a book, make a black tea/coffee, do your nails....anything to help you to take ur mind off of how you are feeling....also looking at the clothes shops online that you like helps, imagine that when u get to your target all of those outfits that you can go and buy ready for the summer and you will be looking and feeling fab... YOU CAN DO IT HUN the hardest part is nearly over i promise you.... good luck
Fab reply that Nicky and its sooo true! Thats what this site is for Mandi and if it wasn't for this site, then i would never have stuck to it!

Im in the same boat as Nicky, i have a smallish gain and if i dont do something about it now then i know its just the path to total regain. The main thing i struggled with in the 1st week is my mood swings but i PROMISE you that once you have got your week out the way, you will wonder why you ever felt this way. You are doing the right thing by venting it on here....its the best place for it and there is always someone here to support you. This diet is the best move you have ever made and if you stick it out the first week, you have pretty much made it. Good luck xxxxx
FEW WORDS OF ADVICE...the first week is the worst once you hit day 5 things will turn around I promise
Mandie, I know exactly how you feel. I'm on my 4th day of lipo and feeling teary and irritable. Luckily, I'm off work today so was able to browse online looking at nice clothes I'll be able to wear and was also able to check this site out, it really helps. I'm struggling at mo too but I know i've no other choice but to stick with it because weight has actually ruined my life for far too long.

All I can say is, stick with it, we're all in this together and we deserve to be slim, that's what I'm telling myself at moment anyway. I also think it helps if you think of the consequences if you don't stick to this i.e. back to square one and feeling a lot more miserable. As we lose weight we will feel alot better and the going will get easier. You are not alone and remember this, ''You deserve to be slim, don't give in to self sabotage''. I keep saying this to myself and hopefully it will keep me going for coming weeks. Early days but they're the worst and soon we will be on a roll. Good luck to you and to all the fellow lipotrimmers, your posts are keeping me motivated and are inspirational.
Hey Mandie,

I am only on week four and have to say until you get past week 1 you wouldnt believe how much easier it is. I think its safe to say (after reading a lot of posts here) that every still has the odd day where the want for food is just too much and the tears start but they pass and are forgotten.

I found that since I started this diet my house has never been so clean!! as soon as I get restless I clean, in the first week I was very tired so I found having a bath or a nap or just reading this site worked for me. Even going for a drive.

I think a lot of us here also spend the first week trying to tell ourselves that eating healthy would be easier and if you can give up food for a couple of days of course you can do that.

I can't, if I could have I wouldnt have resorted to LT in the first place but now I am here, I can honestly say it is one of the hardest things I have ever done yet one of the best.

Keep going girl, we want to hear your results at the end of the week!!
The first week is hard emotionally I think, you really have to face up to how many times you eat, it is such a habit, stopping myself from eating the kids leftovers or getting up as I used to to aimlessly open the fridge and eat something.. but it does get better.... I find I am now having a bath or shower most nights, using lovely body butter after, doing my nails in the evening, trimming my split ends, doing my eyebrows.. all these things help, they take your mind away from eating and also I find the next day I feel so much better, more attractive and more confident to get through another day.. distraction really works, crafting, making something, sorting through letters papers, cleaning out that kitchen cupboard you have a voided for ages (mines had potatoes in it that had grow roots omg I was petrified of them lol)... coming on here and looking at the slideshow always helps me if im feeling emotional to, of they can do it so can I!!! I have started enjoying a cup of decaff in the evenings, and also I have a few glasses of sparkling water in a wine glass, it is amazing how our minds are easily fooled, sometimes it feels like a relaxing glass of wine lol.... peppermint tea if I am feeling lethargic, it instantly perks you up and helps with hunger or want..... and browsing online for clothes, asos is great lol... hope that helps a little, you can stick it you really can and soon you will feel full of energy confident and able xxx

I'm on day three of my restart & I'm finding it pretty tough too! I'm thinking "why not go back to WeightWatchers" (which I tried for about a week before starting LT & even then, didn't stick to faithfully) even though I know that I wasn't succeeding that way. It's just difficult at the beginning, you need to bear that in mind & push on through it! Give yourself at least until your first weigh in, then promise yourself you can reassess then :)

It really is a great diet & once you start seeing results, I'm sure you'll feel much happier to continue!

Good luck!!!

Hi everyone.

Thank you all so much for your replies i seriously think if i hadnt read them i would have broken. It makes such a difference when i realise that its not just me and my feelings and that its actually quite normal to be feeling this way.

I can honestly say i dont know how i would have got through today without this site and its support. I ended up going and getting in bad because i was just taking it out on everyone else around me. Unfortunately i quit smoking after 20 yrs 3 weeks ago and am finding that tough going too.

I have been overweight since i had my daughter and that was 11 years ago!!! It has now got to the point where i cant go clothes shopping because i come home depressed and upset that nothing looks nice or most of it looks old fashioned in my size. I have approx 3/4 stone to lose but after reading all your replies it has just made me more determined to succeed.

Thanks so much again and im sure i will be posting on here daily and look forward to my first weigh in on Monday and letting you all know how i have got on.

hey mandie will be looking out for your post on monday... you can do it, i have been the same since my son arrived 9 years ago, then I had two daughters one year apart omg... have no excuse for the baby weight now as youngest is one and a half lol... we are all in it to loose it, so keep strong, motivated and post lots it really helps xxx
hey..i just went to my 1st meeting ever..really excited but quiet confused as what to eat, amounts, etc etc..
i really want to loose my excess "wobbly bits", but dont now where to start from really?!!
how did you start your 1st day?
thanks and good luck xx

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