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DAY 3 HELP!!!!


I love my purdy shoes
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Get busy busy busy in your first couple of days on the diet. It's the only thing to get through because it'll occupy your mind. It's ok to think about food aslng as you're not tempted to eat it. Hope you get through it hun x:D
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first timer - are you drinking lots of water ?? - that really helps and black coffee took the edge off ... CherryRocks is right 1st couple days are hard but on day 5 i bet you feel full of energy and not hungry keep busy xx
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You are not on your own babes -no no no. Day three and four are notoriously hard -please hang in there because in a few days you will definitely feel a BIG change! It does get easier -check out all the success stories here for proof! Everyone here is human -everyone here struggles at times, but it does become manageable.

My first week was early nights, paracetamol and hot baths. It helps!



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Stick with it Doll, the others are speaking the total truth, by day 5 you'll be flying and feeling great. Good luck. Jump on here when you feel rough. xxxx
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Like everyone else said stick at it, by the time ya get to day 5 ya will be grand. I remember day 2-4 and i thought I was never going to make it, with the excess trips to the loo but everywhere around people were eating all sorts of foods which smelt different for some reason and boy did i wanna eat, then came the headaches and the mood swings but then after that it was fine. I still have the odd hunger pang but once ya get used to it ya will be fine and we are all human so dont worry. We know what ya are going through chick. When ya get to weigh in ya will be pleasantly surprised at how well ya have done.
Thanks for your comments, am feeling better now thankfully. I am drinking loads of water never seem to be off the toilet lol. But i want to slim down so it has to be done.


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Thanks for your comments, am feeling better now thankfully. I am drinking loads of water never seem to be off the toilet lol. But i want to slim down so it has to be done.

That's the attitude! Good on ya! It will get easier when you are in keytosis properly which could take up to day 5. So hang in there and when you stand on the scales in 4 more days you will be sooooooooo glad that you did!:D
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Hey hun, hope day 4 is a bit easier for you. Just keep promising yourself you'll hang on till your first WI then the loss will give you the incentative to do another week. With only a stone and a half to go you'll do it for Christmas - if you stick with it - and you can! It does get easier - if it didn't then I wouldn't have lasted 26 weeks!!!

Good luck hun.

hey there. im on day 3 2day... and glad im not the only one feelin like this... i too am only thinkin about food and i want to eat... but everyones so right to wait till the 1st WI. hope day 4 is better. x
Thanks day 4 isn't too bad i had been missing shakes found it hard to have them in work as i didn't want anyone to know i was on it. I work with skinny girls who can eat anything and not put in weight!!! but am going try and get all my shakes and fingers crossed i get good results. i done LT for a week before and lost 9 1/4lb so am hoping for the same or close or i will be disapointed.

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