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Day 5 and i've put on 1lb

I know we're not meant to weigh ourselves until the 7th day but i couldn't resist. I can't believe i've put on 1lb. What am i doing wrong? I'm not counting calories on my up days and i'm sure i'm not eating more than 2156 as that's a lot of calories and i've cut out chocolate etc from when i was on a vlcd and i know i'm not eating more than my allowed 431 on dd as i do calorie count on dds.

I'm going to give it another week, i just hope i don't gain more weight in the meantime.

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Were you dieting before Sparkle, and if so what diet were you on? If you've been on a liquid diet moving to any other plan where you are eating will mean you will put on some weight in the first week, and you won't see any results until the second or third week, as your body is just replacing it's glycogen levels hence the weight gain.

If not make sure you only weigh the morning AFTER a down day. And if your TOM is due than perhaps you are retaining water, most wpmen gain the week before the TOM sometimes as much as 4-5lbs.

Stick at it and I'm sure the scales will soon start to move in the right direction. Hugs xxx
thanks stirky, i was on a liquid vcld and i didn't think about my glycogen levels *rolls eyes at myself* i'm going to stick with this though as i feel really good on this diet plan and it means that i can have my mum's yummy roast potatoes on a sunday :D

Hope you're having a good weekend
That'll be it then! A few people came onto juddd a while ago after being on a vlc liquid diet, and they all put on weight in the first week, tho not as much as they had thought they would. But by the second week they were all losing and all had great losses with juddd. So it'll be worth sticking with it for a few weeks and those scales will be moving downwards :D
hey sparkle, sorry that you have put on a pound, but seriously dont worry about it. Personally I think you are eating too much on your up day. I tend to try and stick to about 1600-1800 cals and on a down day i try and have 500 cals. I think when I worked out my calories on an upday it was 2200 calories but I try not to have that many if I can, althought the last few up days I have been out for meals and it is harder to work out the calories, so I am not expecting to lose this week. Also Stirky could be right, your body will be in shock that it is now eating proper food and will go through an adjustment period. If I were you, I would carry on what you are doing for another week and see if it is your body adjusting and at the end of the week, if you have still not lost, I would decrease your calories on an upday to about 1800 and see if that helps.

whoop whoop i've managed to lose that extra pound and i've been norty and had middle days as i had my totm and found it very hard to stick to dd. Will be 100% this week though and fingers crossed for some weight loss.

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