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Attack Day 5 Attack completed-7lb lost!

Oh my days! - i can't quite believe it. Jumped on my digital scales this morning and have dropped another half kilo taking my weight to 10st 9lb on monday to 10st 2lb !!!:D:D:D:D

Now, the question is should i Attack for one more day or go to PV as planned? I've had a loss every day (bar one)

it hasn't been easy- i'm full of a stinking cold and sore throat (i'm never ill) and was suffering from terrible tummy cramps last night but hitting the half stone mark has given me a psychological boost spurring me on to try another Attack day.
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Hi curvygirlie - not so curvy now eh ;) - Brilliant loss.
I just did the recommended 4 days as I was desperate for veg (major transit issues) and didnt feel too good either but I was very happy with my 4 lbs loss. The experienced Dukaners on here say No dont do anymore than you should but I suppose its up to you.
morning hun and well done :D
ive stayed the same had an awful night last night for my birthday , didnt go out was being sick all night, dont know why , was supposed to be doing a pv yesterday but had no appetite, think my body has had enough ...think i desperately need so greens now, just hope the weight ive lost stays off ...xx
oh no Jane, that's awful! you'll have to rearrange your birthday treat when you're feeling better. I must admit I've not felt this rough for ages. Maybe the nausea is due to the overload of protein? bet you're glad to be eating veggies again today?

hope you're feeling better soon xx


Just keep swimming...
Hi Curvy. Well done on such a great loss! And sorry you are feeling so ill - not so good.

I would say that you should go onto cruise and have a day with veggies included and see how you feel.

Sorry you are unwell too Maddy. I don't think it is usual for the attack phase to cause nausea but everyone's body reacts differently. Of course it could be nothing atall to do with the diet and just a nasty bug (lots of them going about atm).

Whatever the cause, hoping you are both feeling much better soon x
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O great loss!!! you must be trilled, I was dizzy and felt a bit nauceous one of the mornings as well.
I had first day of cruise yesterday and was still down another lb this morning and I'm TOM:cry: I cant wait til TOM is over as I'm hoping to loose another few sneaky lbs that have been caught up with it.
Sorry to hear your not feel well maddy..
well it's now 2.47pm and had no veggies yet as not had chance to make any sauces yet so going stay on attack today and have everything ready for 2moro.

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