Day two - Out and about in town


The Big Shake House
O dear i made the first major mistake i left the house without my water, i feel like i have become attached to my bottle of water, i may even name it lol

so i thought i would see what happens so im walking around town looking at clothes that i will buy when i am successful at the SS diet, how weird to think that there are so many clothes and i havnt bothered to even think what is out there, so im starting to save my money if i save £300 then i can go for a major shopping trip, but i have found that because im not eating lots of junk food or infact any food i seem to have money in my wallet were as before my cupborads would be full of food!!!! lol

about an hour into my wondering around town i felt a little hungry so i brought a bottle of 50cl and OMG i must of drunk it in one go, very funny to see i never drink water and now im drinking it like mad to not let me eat

garcia x