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Delivering Leaflets

I expect I'm alone in this, and I'm probably being curmudgeonly but I find it a bit of a cheek to pay nearly a fiver a week on SW and then to be asked to deliver leaflets!

My usual consultant is great about it, asks nicely and that's fine.
I got weighed elsewhere today and the consultant was a bit demanding about it! She had stacks to deliver and each lot seemed to have about 250 leaflets!

I know the answer is don't volunteer, and I don't also for the reason that I hate getting stuff shoved through my door and refuse to do it to someone else!

So do you or Don't you? and why?
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all for my little man x
My consultant has never asked me to deliver leaflets, other than having a pile on the table in the beat obesity campaign that we could offer to friends if we wanted. To be honest I probably would just take a few and leave them at my workplace for those interested rather than take them door to door. x
Some consultants ask for help, some don't. In any case, there's no obligation.It is something that all consultants have to do twice a year and it is a horrible, backbreaking, footslogging job. You get too hot in the summer and freeze to death in the winter. And the consultants have to pay for the leaflets to be printed. They can't say no!To my mind it is pointless, as well. Most of them go straight into the recycling - I know that I don't even look at the leaflets that come through my letterbox, they go straight into a bag kept by the door for that purpose! I have no idea if SW keeps any record of how many members join as a result of a leaflet, but I know one consultant who has 3,500 of the things to deliver each time and she might get one or two members from it. It is much more cost and work effective to put posters up in strategic places. I don't know why SW persist with this outdated way of contacting people.I have helped out with leafletting for my friend many many times in the past, but I can now (genuinely) claim a dodgy leg and hip, so I don't have to feel guilty about saying no!
my consultant gives us a free week for doing a stack of leaflets.(she has a few health problems) i do about 4 roads and get 4 weeks free, great for losing weight aswell
I help our consultant with the leaflets because i dont mind and its body magic as well ... it doesnt really bother me to be honest x

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