Desperate to loose and starting again for millionth time


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Hi i am new to this forum and hoping its going to help, encourage and support me to loose a whooping amount of weight. I have been on so many diets especiallu ww, sw, sf etc and am trying again i think I am just going to cut out rubbish and count calories this time as I have become a bit obsessed with points but still carried on gaining weight year after year despite paying for diet classes week in week out. Anyhow here goes today I am a whooping 17st3lbs:eek:

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((Hugs)) keep your eye on the prize and I'm sure you're previous dieting experience will come into play - if you are like me you know what is bad and what is good.. it's just a case of eating the good and not the good! ;) Easier said than done I know.. You sound ultra positive and I'm sure you're going to do well :)


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Curious :)

Hiya was just reading your thread and was curious as to how you have done since your last post? I'm also starting again for the millionth time and on Day 2 :sigh: X


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Hi hun, dont worry you will get there! i was 18 stone 4lb in january and im now 13 stone 9lbs! if you keep your mind to it and break the habits :)


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Heya, hope that it's going well hun!