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'Detox' tea


French Honey
Can anyone tell me whether I am supposed to be drinking this tea? I really love it but as already pointed out elsewhere, the herbal teas can be dodgy as they don't always list all the ingredients. I know I'm not to have the flower based teas but my fave is the detox one by YogiTea which contains the following:

Liquorice, cinnamon, burdock root, ginger, dandelion, fennel, anise, juniper berries, coriander, cardomom, black pepper, parsley, sage, cloves and turmeric root- nothing else is listed

Any ideas anyone?
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Sorry to be the one to tell you this but you shouldn't be drinking it because it contains flowers. You should only drink herbal teas made from the leaf only such as peppermint (my fav!!!).
Query - where are the flowers? I like this one too (I think it's the liquorice!) and I'm sure the dandelion is root, not flowers. I also like Dr Stuarts Lax tea, similar flavour - I'll need to check that!
try the green tea thats nice :)


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I like green tea a lot but only if I drink it as soon as it gets cool enough, I think it is pants cool.
Fennel is actually a flower, plus it contains juniper berry which if I'm right counts as a fruit. Check it but I'm pretty sure it's officially a no no. Then again if it doesn't affect your weight loss then I can't see the damage.


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:lost:Think I'll put it to the back of the cupboard then. Can I have the plain liquorice tea instead? surely that isn't classed as a flower it's made from tree bark. I don't like green tea, or peppermint tea or ordinary tea to be honest and I am getting really fed up with coffee now :sigh:
To be sure ask your CDC I am sure she will know.
Better to be safe....


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Basically.. the rules are.. the only tea you may drink comes from a LEAF.. therefore fruit, flower, bark tea is a no no.. as it can bring you out of ketosis..

I hated green tea when i started.. it was minging.. but now i love it.. give it a try for a week.. and you might be pleasantly suprised..

x x x x


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lol.. what about water flavourings??
I get hot water.. put in some summer fruits flavouring.. and it tastes quite nice.. *ironically its fruit.. and tastes like fruit tea.. LOL*..
Or cold is lush too.. yum yum yum.. im drinking a litre of "orange juice" at the mo.. it makes a nice change from water and tea..

x x


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quite alright.. if your sick of coffee too.. try and do something different wish it.. like.. add a bit of a vanilla pack.. or.. a toffee and walnut.. or even add a bit of tetra and have a mocha..

Anyways.. have fun dollface and i hope you warm up soon.. i have an assignment to write.. :(

x x x

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