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Did anybody...


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Miss a period when they first started SS CD?

Its only (how bad is this... lol) as my face has erupted in what appears to be the bubonic plague pre-period spots (thank god i'm not going out socially to an event where they charge per head - would have to remortgage to get in!!!) I have suddenly realised I missed last month!

No change of being with child... and as our female hormones are delicate, wonder if the new eating (or lack off!) has knocked them off balance?

Anyone else miss, or am I just gonna be a freak on my own in the corner? hehehehe

TT xx
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lol....no!! I decided to bleed for many many weeks straight. That was fun!! errrr!! not!!:mad:

CD can play silly buggers with your periods and stuff for quite a while, something to do with the hormones being released from the fat you're burning.....weird eh?



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hey i was only talking to nat today about spots
thought it was just me but i got a family of mole hills on my forehead and a few stragglers on the side of my nose and they hurt, have bought a mud mask to see if it helps
i look ridiculous like a spotty acne teenager fresh from puberty

as for the q`s you asked
my auntie flow didn`t stop mine came 5 days early
probably is cd but if you are more than a week late id get tested just incase



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AND.. they say blodd is thicker than water - so tha OBVIOUSLY weighs more too (clutching at straws lololol)

Oh well -- time will tell!

Hope your exams went ok yesterday, and again many thanks for the info you PM'd, much appreciated xx


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It's CD. I bled for 7 weeks straight and not a thing since. the poor hormones have a hard time of it but they'll get back to normal when you get to goal.


S: 13st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 2st4lb(16.75%)
yes!! thats a good arguement..lol. But CD changes the viscosity of the blood?....think it might make it thinner...and lighter!!:confused::mad: booo!!!

No problem....exam went surprisingly well!! :D next one Thursday. :sigh:

Oh...the spots. Yeah....I had those. Just the body getting rid of yuk, you end up with really good skin though!! must be all the water and being decently nutritioned for once!! :D

Hope your lady stuff makes an appearance soon!! (thats a right weird thing to be wishing...:rolleyes:)

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When i did LT in 2005, i was on it for just over 7 months & bled pretty much most of the time :(

Sometimes the bleeding would be very heavy & sometimes it'd be light.

It used to really get me down but i stuck with it, lost the weight, fell pregnant the month after coming off it :D but put back on loads of weight whilst pregnant :cry:


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i missed my period i had it 2 weeks late neaver been late in my life i think i may have missed this month aswell it will probably come eventually mind i would rather skip then bleed all the time like others have

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