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did you tell everyone when you joined?

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Only a few close friends know. And only a few close work colleagues as well. It's just something I'm doing for me. Several people have noticed now at work, "Have you lost weight? You can really see it around your face", etc. I just smile and say "Thanks, yeah, I have lost a bit..." and leave it at that. I just say I'm eating a bit more healthily now... which is true! :)


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only my OH,2 daughters and my sister knows
Im not even gonna bother telling my family and mum, cos they have always called me fatty ETC ,my mum weighs 17 st and all my brothers put weight on so easily and get a pregnant belly !!
I have not told anyone at work ,as a lot of them are a bit *****y behind others backs -so I dont really want to be talked about more than I am now IYKWIM.
I am doing it for myself and I want to look 'NORMAL' when we go on 'Surprise holiday to Egypt' in september. ..
But if OH carries on - he wont be going !! he's getting on my nerves at the minute
late home all the time ,then falling asleep at around 10. Then tells me if I go swimming whats he gonna do?? err what you do all the time ...sleep !!. ooppps sorry rambling

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I tell anyone that comments about my weight loss, as Ive had a gastric band as well and would rather the focus be on SW than that!


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I tell everyone - it keeps me on track when other people know!
My flatmates all know, because we are a flat of girls we share, and also they might get a bit suspicious if all of a sudden I stopped eating chocolate and cereal and pizza constantly and started eating veg! Means I don't have to make excuses either, eg the other day we were getting a curry take away, and i could just say that I wasn't going to have any because I could only have the boiled rice. Didn't have to say "oh im feeling a bit ill" or something silly.
have only told my oh and an old diet buddy. have failed diets on and off for the last six months so i think that if i told anyone else they would be like 'another diet!?'. especially as my lunches are a bit more filling now... they would wonder.

They know i am trying to eat healthy just dont know i am on a plan. plus i dont want to ruin my sis thunder as she has lost a stone and keeps going on about it! even though when i was losing my 3 stone last year she kept asking me if i was 'still on that diet!??' sarki.. and 'are you sure your aloud that?'...

lol, sibling rivalry hey!


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Everyone at work knows, and all my family. Three others are doing at work too, so I'm not the only one. My o/h has been embarrassing me by telling people I've lost 3 stone. I can imagine them looking at me and thinking well she's still fat so she must have been a right heifer.... or maybe that's just me being paranoid! I know it's because he's proud of me, but I hate it.


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Everyone at work knows, OH knows, MIL, SIL... I haven't really talked about it with mum as she's skinny and wouldn't/doesn't understand. I don't mind who knows though really.
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I've told everyone too! I was thinknig of just doing it on the quiet to see if people would start to notice and change etc, but thought I needed to tell people so that I knew at least someone was keeping an eye on me! Plus I'm still getting the compliments I was hoping to get by not telling everyone! :D

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