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diet habits


Just one day at a time

In the shower? On a beach? Go on give us clue lol x


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i reckon she means somethiing like this.

I drink 6 litres of water through the day and dont touch a single pack until I get home at about 6.

I watch the kids eat their dineer then clear up, get them to bed and by about 8 i have my first 2 packs.

Then around 10, just before bed, i have my other 2 packs followed by a litre of water, the off to bed for some exercise:eek::eek:


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If I've got the gist of this right, my original routine up til about week 10 was nothing until midday, then Thai Chilli then a big bowl of chicken and mushroom combined and supper was a hot choc.

Then when I let myself have bars it was a bar and a coffee when I got into work. A thai chilli for lunch and a chick and mush when I got home.

Now it's a bar and a hot choc for breakky and then I fit in the other two packs at some point during the day/evening.

I try to drink 2 litres of water by 2pm and then the other two litres when I get home (usually with fruit flavouring at home but pure at work). At weekends I have sparkling San Pellegrino with St Clements.


is happy being Yorkiegirl
half a litre of water when I get up
then a vanilla with coffee in as a latte for breakfast
2 litres during the morning
Bar and half a litre of fizzy at lunchtime
2 more litres in the afternoon
vanilla coffee again at tea time
another litre in the evening
hot choc at bedtime


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As I work away a lot my routine away varies but generally is as follows:

1/2 litre in morning, getting ready for work
1 bar about 10.30,
1 litre drunk by 1pm
Hot caramel with coffee about 2pm
Next litre lasts to end of day
Hot caramel with coffee at about 5pm
1/2 litre drunk on way home from work
Some where between 1 and 1 3/4 litres drunk over the rest of the evening
Hot chocolate about 9pm

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One day at a time
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I drink 2 litres of water by about 1pm.
I sometimes will have a vanilla shake & st clements (mmm ice cream soda) about 11am or I have half a nut crunch with banana custard.
If I've been busy I will sometimes have a whole nut crunch & banana shake/custard together, sometimes it can be as late as 3pm.
If I'm out all day I will make lemon biscuits to take with me.
I always have vegtable or mushroom soup for tea.
I then have a banana or chocolate & fruits of the forest shake at about 9pm.
The only meal that I will sit down for with others for is my tea, but usually I have it at about 7pm, so everyone has usually finished teirs by then, I have it late because it helps to break up the evening for me.


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I have a vanilla shake for breakfast, about 8 a.m. Then 2 litres of water before lunch which is a choc shake, then another 2 litres of water, then I have a double chocolate shake at about 6 p.m. I take a litre of water to bed with me. It's pretty much the same every day, but every now and then I have a choc - banana custard for dinner.... if i'm feeling a bit ker-azy! :D
Vanilla and coffee for breakfast for me too. I try to drink a full litre before I sit down to work at 9am. Then I have another litre before lunch at 1pm. Lunch is usually a Thai Chilli with loads of tabasco made half into soup and half into crisps. Afternoon is another two litres followed by tea of a Nut Crunch bar. I then have a banana shake or sometimes a mushroom poppadom at about 7pm. During the eveing I drink an additional half or litre of water but I have to stop before 9pm otherwise I am up peeing all night.
I try to get through as much water as I can before lunch.
Soup at 12.30 (ish)
Water water water all afternoon - usually sparkling with st.clements flavouring, and a few black coffees.
I like to have 3 to play with in the evening's if I'm home. Choc icecream and toffee biscuits is a current fave. If I get organised I make a cheesecake with the NC and a vanilla pack to have when I get home. If I'm out I take a bar.
It's only the last 2 weeks where I've started to feel that I need 2 packs during the day.

When I get back on food I'm going hardcore on re-introducing brekkie! I've always been terrible at this.


has started again!!
1 litre water for breakfast, another 0.75 litre before morning break. Couple cups green tea with peppermint during the morning too.

Lunch on a week day is a Nut Bar and 0.75 litres water, then another 0.75 litres during the afternoon before school finishes.

When I get home with the kids around 4ish, I have a hot strawberry or banana pack & another mint tea. I cook the evening meal for the family, then have another pack myself, with 0.5 litres of water (sparkling with FotF flavour). after doing all the evening things, if I have the energy, I have a soup pack made into crisps or a poppadom, with a cup of Marigold. I then have another litre of water before bed.

Dullsville doesnt quite do it!!!! LOL!!
water n the way to work then first pack (vanilla or choc) with coffee then 2 litres of water during the day (more if I can!). Packs at 1 & 4 then more water and drink on the way home or at allotment then try & guzzle 2 litres in the evening and last pack (sometimes a popadam) at 9pm....During the day I try & have at least 1 marigold and take a dulcolax every other day....fun eh!
5.30am sometimes hot sometimes cold vanilla with coffee
work at 6am then about 2lts water 10.30am break have a bar more water.home by 2.30pm more water,stables more water. 6.30 ish cook partners dinner and sit down with him and have a soup, about 10pm have either poppadom or choc muffin.try not to have any more water (but still get up in night to go to loo):wavey:
Same routine every day with slight variations in flavour.

6 - 8 a.m. 2 cups black coffee
7.30 - 8 a.m. vanilla milkshake mixed with 1 dstspoon Phyllium husk
Morning/afternoon - 2/3 ltrs water, plain
1 p.m. Soup either mushroom or vegetable with black pepper
3 p.m.ish Peppermint tea
6-30- 7 p.m. Cook supper for OH, have bar plus Marigold savoury drink - eat with OH
2 cups black coffee + 1-2 ltrs water
About 9 ish - shake, either strawberry or banana
10ish - maybe a last peppermint tea
Starting to get a bit bored :sigh: but am a creature of habit.

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