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diet starts today


I posted a short message about a minute ago,really do not know what i am doing.
Anyway started sw today and i have managed really well, as long as i am prepared i think i will suceed. This morning i watched myself on dvd on holiday,,,i cryed for about two hours, then made a promise to myself.:p


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Hi and welcome :)
well done for your first day. SW really isn't a diet, its a change in the way you think about food. With a few small changes you can eat LOTS of food and not scrimp on taste and lose weight. I've lost 2st4lbs this year and am now maintaining. We had pizza and potato wedges and salad tonight for dinner ( hubby on SW also) 5 syns and a Healthy extra A. not bad for a diet!!
Good luck with your weight loss journey. have a check out of the recipe threads, lots of good ideas there.


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Welcome to Minis, I hope a diary helps you keep on track and get to know a few other folk in the same boat. Well...what I really mean is 'let us be nosey' :D

Good luck with SW... it really is fab

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Welcome! One day at a time is definitely the way to go! and taking that first step is one major hurdle already accomplished. You can do it!!

Am fairly new to mini's too but have found some amazing tips, recipes and got some great advice from lovely people since I joined. Just remember you are not alone and as a few others have mentioned above do a diary it really does help - I write mine down in a little book I keep in my bag - helps keep me on track.
Day 2/3

What a lovely day Sunday was, yes i kept to my diet all day,no ice-creams or fish and chips for me.
Monday started back work and i seem to operate my diet better at work. Made a huge pot of sin free minestone soup yum,God, i cannot think how to spell that soup properly.lol.
It is also very inspiring to see everyones comments and to see all your awards, well done all of you. ali x;)
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Well done and keep it up - I find it so much easier to operate at work also. Am signed off for the week with shingles and finding it hard at home with so much tempting food within reach. It is easier when I am work and only have the food I have prepared and fruit to hand.


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Good luck with the rest of the week too.

You are going well. I find it better at work even though they all eat cake and chocolate and biscuits - all day long and keep offering.

Keep at it - you can do it.
We have a cake club on a Friday, nightmare lots of fresh cream cakes and rolls and sausage with onions.... i now have to stay in my office away from the smells and temptations. lol but i will do it.
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Hi allybally I work in an office with around 60 others and there are always cakes and biscuits for birthdays and other celebrations nearly every week in our office! Get put in the kitchen where I have to do my photocopying. I usually keep Alpen light bars in my desk for such for this reason. Most times I am OK and can ignore them but the days I feel weak or my star week I sit and munch on a choc and fudge Alpen light bar (only 3 syns a piece or 2 as an HEX B) makes me feel like I am eating something naughty with the rest! Keep up the good work.
Day 5 and all is well,i cannot let myself down this time, bought some really nice clothes and want to fit into them comfortably. Not even craved a bottle of wine since saturday..miricle lol. sarah j thanks for the support i find it easier talking to you guys than work colleagues.
S: 16st6lb C: 16st6lb G: 12st6lb BMI: 37.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
lol! it is nice having like minded people isn't it. i work in the City and everyone at work is so slim I don't feel like they would relate! Once you get into it after a couple of weeks and feel more in control there is no harm in saving up some syns for some wine at the weekend. Does anyone else do this? Every so often I express my syns through the week for a glass or 3 of wine at the weekend.
I am really surprising myself as i don't even feel like cheating, just sick people saying " oh but you have a pretty face " its like saying that your body doesn't fit your mug,,lol.This forum has been great , just want to use it correctly.

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