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Differences in clothes sizes RANT!!! GGGRRRRRR!


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I dont usually rant too much on here but i am sooo cross!

I am fat, i accept i am fat and i'm desperately fighting that battle....but do you know the one thing that helps the least? The differences in clothes sizes!!

Its not even at a stage now where they differ between shops, but now, even within the same damn shop i'm coming up with the same size, one will fit and the other wont!

i have a size 14 blouse on, its loose on the bust, but the arms are still a bloody size 10 and are so snug they look stupid...ok, it has buttons, but i dont want to have open buttons...

Why oh why cant these bloody shops all sing to the same hymn sheet....as i say, i'm not even asking them to do it across the board, but at least internally...surely that shouldnt be too difficult!?!?!?!

This isnt just the cheapo shops either, NEXT seem to be just as bad as Primark for their sizing!

I just want to go into a shop, be able to pick if off the rack, pay and walk out and not worry too much about whether it will fit....is that eutopia and never going to happen whatever size i am???

I'm now a size 12 top, 14 bottoms and still have a long way to go until at goal, but it just makes me wonder if i'm fighting a losing battle when i can end up being too fat even though i have clothes in that size in my wardrobe!

This is driving me up the wall (as you might have guessed!)

Please tell me this isnt just me with these frustrations!

SOOOOOOO MAD!!!!! :mad:
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Hey hon..
Im so with you on this........
I most shops I am a 10 allround...........
but I have bought an 8 in some shops and a 12 in another... just depends what it is I think..... Some things i would go for something bigger anyway..... Like I bought a denim dress yesterday and I bought it in a 12 and then in the same shop I bought another dress in a size 10........
Try not to worry to much.. i always think its better to have a size bigger and look slim in it rather than squeezing into something smaller as it makes you look bigger.... x


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Yep, what Curly says... lol. I bought a size 8 top today in Next and yesterday I bought a size 10 top, but everyone reckons it is too big and I should have bought an 8 in that too, but just couldn't believe an 8 would fit, but in the same shop a week ago I bought a size 12 dress and it fits perfectly, so definately cannot just go into a shop and buy of the peg now....


Shut up Ethel
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Its always different shop to shop but I hate it when the thing fits in one dimension eg across bust but then is too tight on the arms.

And my particular pet hate is the idea that clothes manufacturers have that when you get smaller your arms get shorter. Wtf?


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Hear! hear! either i'm a size 10 or I'm a 12 - which one is it??? As you say either the clothes in the same shops are different. I don't want to have to spend half an hour or more trying them on before i buy!!!


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Oh but how good to be a 14/12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Despite before when I got to 176lbs I was a 16. One dress I got in a 14 was the only thing !!! Never worn anything smaller than a 16 jeans in years - I have thunder thighs tho LOL!


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Totally agree, I have one pair of Jeans from Evans size 20, one pair of crops size 22, and one pair of linens size 18, and they all fit. You would think Evans at least could get their sizes right.


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Totally agree, I have one pair of Jeans from Evans size 20, one pair of crops size 22, and one pair of linens size 18, and they all fit. You would think Evans at least could get their sizes right.
I was just going to post something similar. I've got 3 pairs of pants that fit from Evans. Size 24, size 22 and size 20!:confused: And I've a pair of cropped denim jeans, size 22, that just wont fasten over my tum.
It's the same with tops. I hate trying things on in shops, but I have to, it's too much bother trying to get a refund.


WILL be Slim!
S: 14st0lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st7lb(3.57%)
i can kind of accept that shops differ etc, but within the same shop is a joke!
I love shopping as much as the next person, but constantly having to try on the damn clothes gets right on my wick!
Still not calmed down from this one! lol


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God its so annoying innit!
I went to New look yesterday and tried a pair od white shorts in a 16 which fitted, then tried exactly the same pair but in a camoflage print and they were too small??
Whats all that about?
It drives me mad. I tried on some linen trousers in Next, the size 16 fitted perfectly so I bought 3 of it, exactly the same trouser, exactly the same size. Of course I didn't bother trying on the 2nd and 3rd pair as they were supposedly identical copies of the one I'd tried on. You've guessed it, 2 and 3 don't fit. Lying them down on the bed on top of each other I can see that there is up to 2 inches difference in the hip sizes - HOW????? they're supposed to be the same trouser!

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