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different flavours

yeah! that would be wicked!! u know the whole "variety is the spice of life" thingie wingie.... OMG talking about spice. i put sum chilli powder in my chicken soup but i put too much in!!! hahaha. such an idiot sum times! xx
hahahaha! its true though. it would make it much more normal and people wouldnt have to lick poppadums to get a taste of proper food (haha jk. dont hit me!!)
I think the idea is that you are not supposed like them and find them moreish. They are supposed to be just fuel for our bodies, I so far have not enjoyed them and throw them down at the alloted time.
im with you on that one lou!... but really it wouldnt hurt to have atleast another 2 flavours... or even make the existing ones taste remotely nice!... that chicken soup... well can you really call it that.. and the cardboard jacks.. hmmm delicious (NOT) urgh!
hmm.. maybe we should all develop a new TFR diet and put LT outta business ????


Mad as a Hatter
I think you have hit the nail on the head with the idea of us not enjoying the shakes, and therefore not finding them 'moreish', but I actually enjoy the ones that I have, I have mostly chocolate and soup but have also started alternating with strawberry for my breakfast.
Don't understand the need for sweetners... I find them way too sweet anyway, but only have a savoury tooth, maybe that's why !

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
I can only stomach vanilla with black coffee, cold, so I dont think any additional flavours would help me! XX


Glug Glug Glug
I am in love with the chocolate ones, but i have to say when i first started LT (the very first time) i detested them. Strawberry is alright i guess lol.

The vanilla shake and the soup just make me want to gag and cry.
the pharmacist tried to stop me taking the flap jacks.....she said they were really minging! LOL I had to take them as I am going to be in training next week.

If i could invent a diet it would be like the chewing gum in 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory' - a meal in a gum. And the gum would have an amazing 50 calories only!

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