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dirt buster cleaning game

I hate cleaning so when ever i can get the kids to help its great.
i'm always inventing games to stop them getting bored and help but i had to tell you about this one cause i think its her fave.
armed with a cape and a spray gun and sponge we go to save the world from the zacatron (my toddler who crayons on walls) and his dirt bugs every dirt bug gets shot and wiped if you give a running conentray they seem to like it more different tools get called different names.
at the mo we are on a comercial break but afterwards we gonna defeat the clutter bugs.
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Will be thin god dammit!!
Hmmmmm wonder if i could get my hubby to play?

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Great idea, my son is a bit small to help though. I hate housework, my flat could do with a good deep clean. I'm seriously thinking of getting cleaners in.

I am considering tying brushes and dusters to the tails of my Great Danes.

I think your idea is brilliant.


Silver Member
That's amazing!
Might try that with my little brother! :D

You know what else makes you surprisingly efficient at cleaning? Mopping up with a HUGE moth in the room. I've never mopped so fast in my life; I just wanted out of there! xxx

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