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Disappointed :(

Well got weighed today & only 3lb loss. I was expecting alot more even tho I had 1 chip on Friday & the teeniest sliver of pizza. What also annoys me is I only lost 8lb in my first week. So just an 11 lb loss overall!!!!!! Some people lose that in 1 week. Why is dietin so tough. Does anyone know what I can take to make me go to the toilet as I forgot to ask the pharmacist. I'm stickin to it 100% this week & hopefully I'll get better results. I just hope week 3 isn't as tough as I've been told. I thought week 2 was bad!!!!
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3lbs is great!! Think about how thats a major achievement and I know I would never lose 3lbs in a week on any other diet!!

Try to keep your chin up and think how fab all the nice new clothes you'll have to buy will look!!
Thanks for that, it's just I can't help comparing my losses to everyone else. I really need to just concentrate on what I'm doing. I also feel really really tired still with no energy what so ever. xxx
3lbs is a great loss and around what others tend to lose. I lost 4lbs in my second week, but I was quite a bit heavier than you are.
You need to stop comparing yourself to others as everyone loses at different rates, try to add your losses up over 4 weeks as LT say you should lose around a stone.
Finally, no more cheating!!!!

Good Luck
Clair x
All them 3's add up though!!! More than a 5th of a stone!!! Maybe try to up your excercise!!! I did and it made a big difference!!! The bigger effort you put in the least time you'll be on LT..... Thats what i keep thinking!!!!! x
Hiya, I did LT in 2008 and my first load was 8 and second was 2, I went on to lose 8stone in six months so it does really add up! 5 of those stones were lost in just 3 and a half months!x
I'm thinking thin today!!! I'm preparing tea already, walked to the shops where I'd usually take the car, cut down on my water intake & not tempted by anything. So far !!!!! My daughter is bakin millionaires shortbread but last time she baked I told her to cut into 3, 1 piece for each member of the family. My target is to lose that first stone this week & I will do it xxxx
keep on going, 3 is great! I had a zero loss last week... nothing can be that bad. Plus i ate nothing, its confusing.
Keep thinking of how much better you feel without the 8lbs.
And no more cheating, you probably would have lost more so the pizza wasn't worth it! happy dieting! :)
galaxy, you mentioned that you should cut down on your water intake... you actually need to be having between 2 and 4 litres water a day!! Being on LT has made me realise that I really wasnt drinking enough normally. They say the more you can drink up to the limit, the better. Our weight loss can seriously be affected by not having enough fluids, because it stores it if we're not getting enough... hope this helps and things are going well for you this week.
I was avin approx 6 litres & had word wi chemist last wk & they said 4 max. So now I fill 3 x litre water bottle & put them in the fridge to use per day & try to spread them out over the day. This then allows me for couple of black coffees too

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