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Discontinued SW favourites... a campaign to bring them back?? Your help needed!

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by MissNix, 23 September 2013 Social URL.

  1. MissNix

    MissNix Gold Member

    Hi everyone!

    Tesco have recently discountinued their Creamfields Light Real Dairy Spray Cream, which at 5 syns for the entire can (if you could eat that much in one sitting) was absolutely brilliant for every kind of dessert you can imagine, and amazing for topping off those low syn hot chocolates. I am devastated :cry:

    No more will I be able to enjoy hot chocolates like this... WP_000794.jpg ... or Eton Mess like this... WP_000438.jpg :(

    So... I have just written to Tesco to ask them to please, please, please bring it back so I can continue enjoying my yummy desserts - can I persuade any of you to join me in writing to them to we have the power of many behind us?! I'm thinking this could be like the Bring Back Wispa campaign?! :D

    Any other products that you have known and loved that have been discontinued? Let's get the power of MiniMins on the case and see what we can get back!!

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  3. MissNix

    MissNix Gold Member

    PS. It's very easy to write to them - just using the Contact Us link on the website to send them an email :)
  4. tracy125

    tracy125 Full Member

    What about the anchor light version? 1 syn for 12.5g
  5. MissNix

    MissNix Gold Member

    How much cream is 12.5g? x
  6. tracy125

    tracy125 Full Member

    The whole can is 250g x

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