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Discover - Low point meal ideas


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Hi everyone,

To support our slim for summer challenge, I thought it would help if we shared our favourite low point meal and snack ideas - it would do me good to try new things and keep me on the diet too.

Here's some of my normal lunch/snack options, will come back and add meals as they pop into my head.

WW soups - 0.5-2 points a tin
Minestrone slim a soup - 1
Melba toast (6) - 1
Crumpet - 1
Babybel light - 1
Phili light snack pot - 1
Chicken salad - 2
Thai mug shot - 3.5
Nectarines (2) - 0.5
Apple - 0.5
Skips - 1.5
WW biscuits - 1.5
Sugar free jelly - 0

I look forward to seeing your suggestions! xx
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Hi Clare, good luck!
I'm getting married in October and I did discovery plan a couple of years ago which I've kept a stone off so back on it to get me into that dress!

Great suggestions. I also always have Alpen light bars in only 1/2 a point and snack a jacks 2points a bag (I find them more satisfying than normal crisps anyways).

Oh and for that sweet craving Ferrero rochers only 1p each!

Cher xx


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Serves 2.
Points per serving 0,
Points per full recipe 1/2

Preparation and cooking time - 30min

Heat a non stick pan and spray with low fat cooking spray
Stir fry 2 sliced onions for about 8 min until soft and brown

Reduce heat and add
300gm mixed thickly sliced mushrooms, 2garlic cloves, 2 teaspoons medium strength curry powder, 3 tablespoons tomato puree, 4 tablespoons low fat plain yogurt, salt and freshly ground black pepper
Heat gently til mushrooms reduce juices.
Cover pan with tight fitting lid, simmer for 10 min stirring regularly.
Remove lid and continue cooking til sauce reduces.
Season to taste.


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1 tsp baking powder
4tbsp sweetener
Vanilla essence
Fresh fruit eh strawberries, raspberries, tangerines

In one bowl mix 4 egg yolks, half tub of Quark, baking powder and 1-2 tsp vanilla essence. Use electric whisk.

In another bowl whisk 4 egg whites until stiff peaks

Add half the egg whites to first bown and whik well then fold in the remaining egg whites.

Line a swill roll tin and pour mixture in to it.

Bake at 180 C / GM 3-4 for 15-20 min

Mix other half of Quark with sweetener and more vanilla essence to taste. Spread this across cooled cake, add fresh fruit and roll up !

Imitates ffeesh cream cake and really delish !
Keep in fridge

8 points for whole cake plus fruit depending on which fruit used
I cut into 4 large servings and count 2 1/2 points each serving.


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CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT TRUFFLES 8 Scan Bran ( crispbread from Holland & Barrat )
4 level tbsp Nutella
1 level tbsp syrup
1 tbsp water

Crumble scan bran into bowl til very small pieces.
Add remaining ingredients and place in microwave for 20 secs to soften Nutella.
Mix well. Divide into little bun cases and leave in fridge to set

Makes approx 20 truffles
9 points for whole recipe
1/2 point each truffle

They are similar to Ferrero Rocher and very yummy.


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Oooooh these sound yum!! Thank you x

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Ooh just seen this thread but really confused by one post as I have always pointed Ferrero rochier (sp) as 1.5 and Alpen light bars as 1pt have I been over pointing? Xx


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I thought Ferrero rocher were 1 point but not 100% sure. Alpen lights are defo 1 point :)

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