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:( dnt knw wht to do!!!!


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Hey all iv been on ww fo 4 weeks Nw and I wnt to visit my mum fo a few days with my husband n totally didn't count anythin.. I didn't hv lots n lots to eat but very scrd tht I may hv put on weight!!! So Iv gt 3 mre days till way in n ib started countn points again.. Does any1 think i wil Los anyweight in 3 days ?? O anyone hv any tips n wht I should do?

Help plz

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eat your daily points, do some exercise, go to your weigh-in and accept what the scales will say. Draw a line and start again. Even if it'll be a gain, you know why and you'll lose it:hug99:


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as the above have said, just draw a line under it and be good for the rest of the week. Sometimes life gets in the way, and we all have to accept that, and try and move on. The worst thing you can do is let your bad weekend turn into a bad week or a bad month xx
Don't worry too much :) just get back to tracking & forget about it. Sometimes it does me good to fall off of the wagon for a day coz it really boosts my motivation :) good luck :)
IM not on WW, but whats done is done. If you worry alot then you may go off track.

Forgive yourself, you must of been doing realy well on WW points to notice that you had been..not so good.

That in itself is has to be reasuring. You havent stoped WW so you will lose some wieght again next week.

Dont let it ruin your memorys of a happy family wkend.
Those times we can't make happen enough.
Take the most cherished thoughts from that time and carry on with WW from now.:)
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Don't worry about it! It's only human to want a treat once in a while without having to point foods. The other week I had a day off pointing and had a takeaway, but I didn't eat under points the following week and still lost weight! It normally takes an awful lot to gain weight.

And so what if you gain a pound or two! You've already proved that you can lose it so don't feel disheartened. Concentrate on the future, good luck :)


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S: 14st7lb G: 12st0lb
Omg!!!!! I put on 5 n half pounds !!! I'm strtin fresh Nw! Got sure I cnt b this big I'm only 20!!! I'm going to defo lose the weight befor my 21st!!!

Anyone got any tips??
S: 13st7lb C: 11st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 2st3lb(16.4%)
Anyone got any tips??
Give yourself freedom then you won't be tempted to give up. I find the best way to do this is to allow yourself to have treats every now and again, but make yourself work for them. Like an hour of exercise or just simply waiting an hour after dinner so that you feel fuller for longer.

Find your weakness. Mine were white pasta, coca-cola and tomato ketchup but I found alternatives and haven't had any in over a month. Ask a round and work out what's better, it can also save money as well as help you lose weight.

Also, believe in yourself! Never give up, good luck. :)


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