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do u need to eat breakfast with slimming world?


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Breakfast kickstarts your metabolism after your sleep so is quite important for weightloss. Could you even manage a yogurt or some fruit?


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ahhh ok yeah i could prob do a bannana on the way out the door 2 take kids to school, just i have been reading that they are having eggs qorn sauages ect lol

could u's please tell me why i cant get on 2 my profile my height weight ect is all wrong n cant seam 2 get on say's i am nt allowed!! :(
kel x
think you have to post around 20 times then you will be able to x


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I think not having any breakfast is just another bad habit that people get into, in the same way as making bad food choices. And in the same way that you can change the choices you make, you can also become used to having a breakfast. It is just as the name says - you are breaking the fast and your body needs the energy from the food to fuel your activity. It's also been proven that eating a breakfast improves your concentration during the day.
I certainly couldn't possibly eat some of the things that some people have for breakfast - too much food for early in the morning! But we are all different and we should have what suits us.

I have a banana and yogurt, or some porridge, or - if I have time - an egg on toast.

It doesn't have to be complicated.


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could u's please tell me why i cant get on 2 my profile my height weight ect is all wrong n cant seam 2 get on say's i am nt allowed!! :(
kel x
At the top of the page on the blue bar you will see User CP if you click on it then on the left side click on edit details you can fill out your height, weight, start date, diet etc.

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It takes the software around an hour to update after you hit the required amount of posts.
I don't generally eat breakfast unless I'm up early and know I wont be able to eat for a few hours. If I need to eat breakfast I will have a piece of fruit and a yogurt/cereal bar or porridge if I have time. It really doesn't have to be anything fancy :)

Btw, I really dislike eating breakfast as it can make me feel quite ill. But I have gotten into the habit of eating something, even if it is just fruit, if I have to.


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i can only manage yogurt and a banana, if time is not on your side can you have something once you get to work?.
Firstly in general, breakfast is almost the most important meal of the day. It starts the body doing what it is suposed to do and helps the digestive system to do what all slimmers want.
Now for SW it is a part of the plan, if you are following Green, Original or EE they all require you to have breakfast. Not only should you have breakfast but on EE you should make sure that your portions should have 1/3 super free foods, so fruit with your bran and yogurt or spring onions, peppers and mushrooms with your omelette, or even both of these.
On original go for bacon with mushrooms, tomatoes and eggs on Green go with a prepared quiche or eggs on toast.

Enjoy breakfast and the movement that will follow :)



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Nothing on slimming world requires you to eat any meal. It is a good habit to get into having something within an hour or so after getting up if you can't stomach it immediately. Some of the items on Healthy B extra are quite easy to munch on whilst on the go like crackerbreads or Alpen light cereal bars. Have a look at the foods on offer and see what appeals.


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Nothing on slimming world requires you to eat any meal.
I don't eat breakfast, and it has not effected my weight loss. In fact, the opposite.My weight losses were much better when I stopped. Now I only eat when I am hungry and I am never hungry in the morning.
With me, when I did eat breakfast, even if it was fruit or yogurt it kicked started my hunger and I was hungry all day.
Okay LOL I agree that the word 'requires' is not in the book, however read the books well as the words optional is not their either. At he back under the suggested meal planners and in the mag in their menu plans they all have breakfast lunch and dinner. SW is great for getting you to eat right and not eat light. Losing weight by eating less and feeling hungry is not the corrrect method either. Your consultant will 'advise' you that breakfast is important for all the reasons in these posts but what works for you is okay.
Sometimes I eat breakfast straight away, mostly I wait until later to have it when I can relax after the morning chaos.
Don't force yourself to eat early if you don't want to, there's no point in that.


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hiya every1 thanx for all the advice!!
i am a yo-yo dieter, i am alaways losing then puting bk on and more lol!!
so i am defo going 2 sw meeting this week as i want it 2 be for life this time!!
so i think i will make up a meal planner! can belive how much weight u's hav all lost well done you's!! :)
i better get posting so i can change my profile! lol
is it all right 2 add u's as friends?


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Well done on deciding to join SW. You won't regret it!
I, too, have been a yo-yo dieter, having tried almost every diet in the book since I was 14. This time SW is for life, and I love it!
Of course you can add me as a friend, thanks for asking. Just yell if you need any help with anything.


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aww thanx think i will be on hear more than facebook now haha

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