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Do you all eat you 49 weeklies

I do use all my weeklies, it makes the plan so much easier. I get regular losses of at least 1lb. Personally I've got the view that I will have all my weeklies each week until my losses stall and then I'll cut them down to kick start the losses again.

I also have them as I think WW wouldn't include them into the plan if they were likely to hinder your weight loss, however I do know some people have STS or small gains using all the weeklies, so I guess its also down to how your body copes with them.


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Last week was my first week and I didnt use them all and lost 1.5lb. This week I have already used them all as I was out for my birthday so I guess when I weigh in on Wednesday I will find out what works best. It was great being able to use them for a night out without feeling like you have gone off the rails :)
Thanks everyone, i guess as its my first week i'll have to see how it goes. I don;t want to eat them for the sake of it, but if helps the weight loss i will if that makes sense. Thank you
Last week was my first week too - I used 28 of my Weeklies and lost 3.5lbs.

This week (today is day 1) I have used 39 of my weeklies already........don't ask!! :rolleyes: so am limited next week to more or less my daily points of 29.

Good luck! :)
it will be interesting to see you how get on this week with eating them all at once. The literature says you can do that - although i wouldn't do it on the night before weight in - lol


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i usually use most of mine after weigh in and the day after, unless i've got a party or i'm going out for a meal etc.

if i've done a lot of exercise during the week i will eat them all plus some APS, if i've not done much exercising i won't eat all of them.
it's trial and error to see what works best for you but i would never not eat any weeklies because what happens if you're body gets used to not having them and then you go to a party? you're going to put a lot of weight on.


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im hoping that even though I have used all my weeklies that because it was towards the start of the week it give me enough time to lose even a slight bit over the remaining days.
I usually use them. Sometimes I'll have quite a lot left over, it depends if I drink or not. It doesn't seem to make a huge different to my weight loss to be honest. Last weekend I suspect I went over my weeklies and still lost 2lb.


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In four weeks I haven't been using mine but have been exercising 5 times per week with both Zumba and gym and my weightloss has not been reflective of my effort ie 6lb so this week my leader has told me to use them to see if my body has gone into starvation mode and therefore no weightloss. It will be interesting to see, fingers crossed it does help.
I do usually use all mine yes and have lost between a lb and 2lb generally! :D


Anna here :D xxx
i've been wondering that too couscous ... it defo seems too good to be true to be able to eat everything :/ hmmmm

i went to a christening n ate butties n sausage rolls n crap for dinner but worked it out that night n was actually under my dailies :eek: very impressed xxx

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