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Do you feel fat when you are on a diet good and proper


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I did SW a few years ago and I felt the same, i think it was because i was more aware of what i was eating and i was eating meals rather that just picking at bad foods throughout the day


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I'm into week four and after years of calorie counting, I had a couple of of days in week one when I was just so stuffed I thought "I hope to god I'm doing this right."

I think what happens in the first few weeks is that because your taking away the weighing, measuring and counting aspect of dieting you eat how much of the free food you want BUT your body learns quite quickly how much it wants to eat. That's how I feel about it anyway. I just figured "Christ - I've done so many other things - let's just give this a chance."

I have seriously stopped stressing about it now and - I've got to say this - feel like I'm eating normally and not obsessing about food all the time.
If you know you have been 100% - just go with it. Let us know how well you do babe.


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I feel like that at times, and I have noticed now ( 4th week in now) that I am feeling fuller sooner. I am one who doesnt like to waste food, so I still eat whats left on my plate and feel yucky afterwards, Im going to have to address that issue and learn to through it in the bin when im full.

Good luck


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I have started to feel fat this week. I normally follow EE but thought I would mix it up by trying red and green this week. I have followed it to letter and I feel so bloated and I seem to be eating all the time. I normally save majority of my syns for alcohol at the weekend. This week no alcohol so using 10 syns or so a day on food (sauces, something for dessert) and I feel fat and horrible and I'm pretty sure I haven't lost weight :-(


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I actually feel lighter - something to do with feeling in control of what I am putting in my body and the fact that the food is all healthy. If I was eating a load of crap I would feel bloated and fat.


S: 16st10.5lb C: 16st2.5lb BMI: 37.7 Loss: 0st8lb(3.41%)
Thanks for all the replies. I've jumped on the scales tonight (naughty I know) I have lost but not as much as I would have hoped so know you start the yo-yo'ing and well it's only day 3!!! X
So glad to hear that im in the same boat, three days in to SW and i feel really over weight and im afraid to step on the bathroom scales, im putting it down to eating meals rather than my usual, skipping meals and picking. hoping for a weightloss on Monday though im not holding out much hope:sigh:
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I feel very strange in my body now. I've been dieting for just over a year and have lost 5.5 stone - 4 on my own with WW online and 1.5 with Slimming World. I've always been overweight so now I'm finding things very strange - I have clothes in a size 12! My feet have gone down a size! My engagement ring needs resizing! All very new for me.

I feel very very fat and bloated now when I eat particular things that I wouldn't even have given a moment's thought before I started dieting though. I used to regularly wolf down a whole restaurent portion of curry, a whole naan and two whole side dishes and chase it with 3 pints of lager but there is no way I could eat that much now without feeling fat and uncomfortable.


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In my third week I went back to uni and came home to get weighed, I hadn't weighed myself all week and felt bloated and really fat but when I stepped on the scales I had actually lost 6lb :/ I was estatic but was ver confussed lol so now I don't go by the way I feel anymore I just listen to the scales lol


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I've cut down on bread a lot since starting SW - it was probably one of the reasons i put on weight!! I follow EE, so I can control my bread with the Hex B. I tend to only have it now and again now and even though i don't miss it, i feel bloated after i've eaten it - when i do have it.
I'm also finding I'm getting full before I'm finishing my meal, so I stop as i know i will feel bloated and fat if i carry on!

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