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Do you find it easy...


bye bye baby tummy
I used to let them linger and use them as an excuse to be "bad" the rest of the day or even week with the mindset of having blown it so may as well really blow it.
But lately i've drawn the line under that meal, rather than that day. Best of luck getting back on track (if you've gone off track) Plan a good solid day tomorrow :)


bye bye baby tummy
Totally planned for tomorrow lol ive had an off week and it was 1 day went into the next,(I was planning sticking to it then eating crap after my planning lol) then i gained today lol not surprising, so going to draw a line and get going lol


is a tasty crumpet
I'm struggling with this myself. Being completely honest, I use them as an excuse. I'm trying not to. I had a bad day yesterday and so far today has gone well.

One thing I've noticed that helps me is starting a food diary immediately after having a bad day - it makes me accountable again as it's hard to ignore what I've had if it's written down and I find it easier to stick to plan because I don't want to 'ruin' it by writing down something bad! I love looking at my food diaries when I've had a really good day. :D


One day at a time, one step at a time
I too used to do this let one bad day lead to another, then a week etc, and constantly saying ie 'i'll start diet again on Monday' but now I draw a line under that binge, that meal and continue on plan and its working for me. My losses are slow but I am beginning to accept that too.

I don't call it a diet either as I swear the second my brain thinks 'diet' I want everything I shouldn't have. I consider this a new way of healthy eating. There will be blips the odd mcdonalds, the odd glass of wine, but this time they will be just the odd one and just that 'a blip' I am finding it much easier to stick to plan with this way of thinking.

I also bought a self hypnosis cd which I swear is helping me to stop the snacking and craving. I adore chocolate, I love crisps yet I don't fancy them anymore, so to me the cd must be helping. It said to listen to it every day for 30 days and I think its been a fortnight, but I no longer seem to crave the unhealthy foods so will continue to listen to it as apart from anything else I find it so relaxing at the end of a stressy day to chill out and listen to it for 30 mins.

Now if I fancy something sweet I have one or even two alpen light bars usually the caramel ones as very sweet and seem to stop the sweet cravings for me, whereas before I'd have had 2 or 3 choccie bars at least.

So yes I draw a line under that action rather than that day now, moving forward straight away that way the consequences are minimal. I also eat lots of melon and strawberries and kiwi and drink tonnes more water
I find it very hard to recover a day if I have gone off track, but I don't find it hard to restart afresh the next day..I think in my mind if I have *ruined* the day then I might as well go all out for it..not a good way to think.

sweet pink

is losing for shoes
Thankfully I have been able to draw a line under a bad day & although I do feel guilty at the time for being bad I take comfort that 1 bad day isnt as bad as 2. On the flipside sometimes I find if I do have a bad day that I feel much more motivated the next day.

Good Luck
I used to find it extremely difficult and think 'oh sod it', now however I'm trying to 'act' like a slim person.....naturally slim people eat chocolate, cake, chips or whatever. Just not to excess, they'll have a treat but stop when full and then carry on as normal. Look at me talking as if 'slim people' are another species! It's all about re training the brain to have a healthier attitude towards food. I'm not saying I'm cured of my demons, but I'm trying, so when my target is met I don't pile it all back on as I've done many times before ;)


bye bye baby tummy
That actually is a very good way of thinking... I think I will try that

I'm quite lucky that I was able when i was thinner (before kids lol) I was able to eat whatever when ever and not gain to much, and infact so much is still true, a week where i should of had a huge gain I infact only did 0.5 which a thin person wouldnt think anything of would they

and eating a cheaky cream cakewould not normally lead to a major binge lol

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