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Do you weigh yourself every day?


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was just wondering, how many times do you weigh yourself, or if your at a class do you just get weighed there and not bother at home,
according to the wii fit that i do every morning i have put weight on:cry:

just wondered if anyone else has the same problem, or should i just ignore it
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Ignore the Wii fit - it's not calibrated and just a guide. Don't use the scale bit on it!!
I can gain 4 pound on mine by getting on and off them!

I do get a sneaky look on my bathroom scales before my weekly WI though and usually mid week, although I shouldn't really!!
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there are different schools of thought on this one, your weight fluctuates so much during the week naturally anyway that it can be really demotivating if you see a gain when you know you have stuck to the plan, therefore it is better to just get weighed once a week, however the other school of thought is that sometimes what can happen is you may have just one of these fluctuations that falls on your weigh day and if you've not weighed yourself all week you then think you have gained overall over the week, when this may not be the case and if you weighed yourself the next day you would have lost. If you do weigh yourself daily, you will see a pattern of the fluctuations, but I tend to be inbetween and weigh myself a couple of times a week instead of just at weigh in and take a gain with a pinch of salt if I know I have stuck to it

I do think it is about time SW stopped focusing so much on weight loss/gain alone and also measure body fat % in conjuction with weight


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I try and look at my weight on a 4 week basis, because our hormones can be all over the place! I like to aim for 7lbs a month, although that aint happening at the moment!

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Dont pay any attention to the Wii Fit scales Huni!!! If I did, I would probably be the size of a house from eating through disappointment!!! Lol
I try and avoid weighing apart from once a week, but if Im honest, I do have a sneaky peak at the end of the week. Not that it changes my thoughts anyway!
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I am terrible for it, I weigh in the morning not every morning as this is when I am at my lightest and can tell if I am loosing the weight and to be honest I dont worry so much to how much I am loosing just if its going in the right directon. Its weigh in tonight and I got on the scales last week weighed in at 16st 4lb when stepped on this morning freaked out when just saw 13lb at the end then looked properly and it said 15st 13lb, my heart nearly jumped into my throat but all ok now!!! This was straight after morning wee and butt naked so not expecting a great huge loss this week but like I say I know its the right direction!! I think its a bad thing if you get demotivated about fluctuations but if thats what it takes to keep you on track then I dont see a problem. Once we start to believe its working and can see a difference thats when I think I will stop doing it.
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I used to, but after being on SW for 13 months, I decided to stop cold turkey and just trust that if I was sticking to plan then I WOULD lose weight!

And I feel much better for it! I haven't weighed at home for 2 weeks and am just going to get weighed at class. The first week I felt I had done well (my clothes suddenly felt looser) and I had lost 3.5lb and last week I felt bloated and icky and like I hadn't lost much and I had STS! So it seems like I'm pretty in tune with it. I might get on my home scales in a month or two just because they weigh half a stone lighter than the SW scales and I like seeing that lower number every once in awhile!!
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i get on mine in the morning (in nightie)
weigh 17st 13lb
have breakfast
weigh 18st 1/4lb- surely 2 weetabix dont weigh 1and 1/4lb
do it now -an hour later
weigh.....18st 1/2lb !!
dam my bras weigh a ton !!!!LOL
S: 18st1.6lb G: 10st10lb
I do think it is about time SW stopped focusing so much on weight loss/gain alone and also measure body fat % in conjuction with weight


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i get on mine in the morning (in nightie)
weigh 17st 13lb
have breakfast
weigh 18st 1/4lb- surely 2 weetabix dont weigh 1and 1/4lb
do it now -an hour later
weigh.....18st 1/2lb !!
dam my bras weigh a ton !!!!LOL
Yep know where you are coming from.. it has to be first thing in the morning, preferably after a poo lol.. and butt naked!!! thats the only official weigh in for me!! Not so much as a sip of water can pass my lips as do you know how much water weighs!!!! :eek:


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If I have time I weigh myself in the morning and use that as a judge to see if the weight is going down. I am not sure I could go all week without weighing?
I stop listening to the wii when it says i was putting on 1lb or sts and at class i lost 5.5lbs! But i do get on my ww scales every day i tend to ignore to odd quarter pound but it does keep me on track and today was the first day its shown a 19 i started on 21 :D
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i weigh everyday as im kinda obsessive, if it shows a gain then it makes me write everything down and follow 100% its funny but mine never show a loss til halfway through week and im usually that weight at WI, guess i just wanna heads up to make sure i dont gain!!
nic x
S: 13st13lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st11lb(12.82%)
Problem for me when I weigh everyday though is if I have a green day I always have a gain (and it's only fluid cos carbs make you retain fluid temporarily, so I now never weigh myself after a green day and only after a red day! as I always lose after a red day, mad aren't we?


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not sure if i am allowed to post on this thread as i am not doing slimming world. i had gastric bypass on 14th jan and i must admit i am weighing myself every other day, in my nightie, just before bed...i have lost 11lbs in the 9 days i have been home...aprox a lb a day so im just tracking it...im wondering how much the loss will change as i start to eat a little more...as at the same time i will be starting to walk and swim???

apologies if you dont want my imput in this thread. mermaid x

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