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Dodgy Weigh-in Day tactics

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Hi folks

Well, today is weigh in day for me. Desipte having a naughty night, I've kept relatively syn low/free for the rest of the week and hopefully I'll have lost a pound or two.

I just nipped out for a walk at lunch and bumped into a fellow Slimming World member in town. I was clutching a Hi-Fi bar and a my lunch that I'd brought from home. She said 'Oh my God, I can't believe you're eating on weigh-in day!'.

We both had a few spare minutes, so she chatted to me about what she meant. She explained that every weigh in day, she didn't eat at all and then for three hours before weigh in she didn't drink water either.

I was amazed. How can this be good for her? I said 'But, surely, don't you just put straight back on any weight that you've lost as soon as you eat?'

She said by not eating for a day, she always went down a pound or two and, yes, then put it all (and usually more) back on the next day. But this motivated her because the next week she had to loose not only what she'd gained by not eating but also some more in order to keep going down. She liked the way it worked for her.

But, to be honest, I found it a bit difficult to stomach. Sure, I'd probably not have a big carby meal right before weigh in... but I'd not go as far as not eating at all! That can't be good for you!

Do you do that? What do you do before weigh in to make sure you show a loss?

For me, I follow the plan and pretty much stay normal on weigh in day. If, because I've done something that might equal an extra half a pound or something, then it'll show as a loss the week after.

But, seemingly, for others... there are tactics (and not too healthy ones if you ask me) that people employ to loose weigh that might not be endorsed by Slimming World!

I'd be interested to hear what you think.

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lol, we all get crazy on wi day lol. i try not to eat anything after 1pm get weighed at 6.15 and lol i only usually eat soup on wi day lol. loopy i know

Debs x


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i'm lucky i suppose my weigh in is at 10 am and i am not a person who can eat breakfast as soon as i get up so i normally have a hi fi in meeting and that is around the time i eat when i at home. so when i get home i have bacon,eggs etc
but i remember when i was on ww i never had much to eat before weigh in which was 6pm!
my sw consultant tells us that we are to eat breakfast before weigh in it won't make a difference


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I have my WI at 5.30pm and I don't eat after 1pm unless I really have to. I don't have too much on a WI day but I do the same thing every week so it is a true reading
i eat normally before WI's because its not really going to be a true reflection of your weight if you weigh a pound less because your dehydrated or something plus by the time a 6pm weigh in comes around brekkie wont have made much difference to your weight and if you eat lunch at 12ish that shouldnt either only thing i wouldnt do is literally eat then weigh

Anyhoo best of luck for tonight no celebrating with Maccies ! x Gen
S: 16st5lb C: 12st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 3st11lb(23.14%)

This is like a secret world of weigh-in tactics! No-one ever talks about this in class... or even online! I can't believe you all do this stuff - I never knew!

Hmm. Maybe I should do it too!
My boyfriend told me that his mum would stop eating at lunch the day BEFORE WI!!!!! So the food would have time to pass through before she got weighed.
There is no way I would be able to do that but I do admit to making sure I have a wee before I weigh, but I do keep my shoes on :D


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
You just have to do what works for you. As long as you do the same thing every WI day it will be a true reading of your weight.


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I usually have breakfast and dinner on a weigh in day then have tea after I have been weighed. Some of the tricks of the trade are dont drink or eat for a few hours before weigh in. Go for a wee before you get weighed. Breathe out when your on the scales (this was prooved by a lady at my group who treid both ways and lost half a pound when she breathed out lol) or my fave is lie down for about and hour before you go to get weighed you always weigh a little less.

* wear the same clothes every week
* take off all my jewellary
* breathe in when I step on scales
* have a wee before WI
* not eat or drink after 2pm

Crazy isn't it???!
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Ooh I could definitely lie down for an hour before!

I suppose if you're doing the same every week, then it is going to be a true reflection of your weight loss. But I think this is the kinda thing that you need to be careful with. It can't be good for you going for a whole 24 hours without food. I understand not having a big meal right before weigh-in... but the rest leaves me a bit worried.

I hadn't realised this was as common as it apparently is!


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I must admit, in years gone by I have always limited my food and eaten 'light' on weigh in days. But to be honest, it made me miserable not being able to eat.
When I joined SW recently (for the last time ;)), I made a promise to myself that not only would I always eat properly on weigh in day, but also to have potatoes as a HE B for my lunch if I was having a red day(which I most probably would be if I was being weighed! See old habits die hard!).
Anyway so far so good, I have been pleased with my weigh in results and also I don't feel the need to come home after weigh in and binge because I am so ravenous!!

S: 16st5lb C: 12st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 3st11lb(23.14%)
I have been pleased with my weigh in results and also I don't feel the need to come home after weigh in and binge because I am so ravenous!!
Yeah! That's what the woman said to me today. She was soo hungry after class, she'd eat really bad foods. The bad foods, combined with the fact that her body grabs on to whatever she eats cause she is so hungry, leads to her weighing a couple of pound MORE the day after weigh in... therefore having not only to loose weight normally that week, but also having to loose what she had gained by eating bad foods on weigh in night.

Isn't that odd? Surely, she must know in her mind that this is not a good way to loose weight... but she does it anyway. Isn't it weird how we go with our emotions so much when it comes to food, and ignore what our mind tells us is true?


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I think that lady is a little bit extreme! I have brunch and then only have a small amount of food after about 1 and my losses are ok. But this week I had brunch, the some lentil curry and then some HEXB of those Pagen Krispy rolls and Laughing Cow Lights, and I lost 3lbs! I do always make sure that I have a wee before weigh in and I usually wear the same clothes.
It could be the competetive thing of wanting to trounce you all at weigh in even though she knows it not an accurate measure of her weight, but also it may be her way of keeping herself motivated if she ate on WI day then STS or gained a 1/2lb she may be the type that would just give up
Its deffo not very healthy especially since you get out of class at 7ish and your really starving so you eat badly only a couple of hours before bed meaning you have no time to burn it off either, i totally get the limiting what you eat after your lunch but starving all day nah not worth it , love my food too much

Gen xx


I ate my willpower!
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I think us dieters get too hung up on the weekly weigh in. I tend to look at my weightloss over a whole month. There are going to be weeks where you STS or even have a small gain, depending on so many different factors.

For us ladies there is the usual * week. Plus some of us suffer from a bit of water retention the week before *week. Then there is just general factors like what we have had to eat and drink during the day, whether we have been to the loo, if our bodies are getting used to the food we are eating - there are lots of different factors.

I also take my measurements. I took them on the day I started the diet and when I had a small gain (even though I had been 100%), I re-measured myself to find that I have lost a total of 6 inches in just 4 weeks :eek:

So if you have a WI this week and you STS or have a small gain, or you lose just 1lb (that's still great), don't be despondent. Think about what you have lost in the last few weeks and what you can lose in the following weeks.
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Hi Ste,

Four of us go to weigh in together. Most of us keep food light - WI is at 7:30pm. The last time I drove I was asked to call in at the chippy on the way home.... must say I didn't partake but I thought it was quite funny!!!

I certainly don't drink or eat past 3pm, I also always nip to the loo before leaving the house then bounce on my own scales before I leave.... don't want to get too much of a shock!!

Good luck this evening.

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I used to take my watch off on truly desperate weeks! And I know for a fact that a friend of mine always poohs before she goes!!!!! Tee hee...

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