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Does Anyone Else Get The 3pm Urge/Munchies?


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For as long as I remember I have always needed a snack at 3pm! I think its from when I used to finish school and come home and have a bowl of cereal or fruit and actually was good but then when I went to college I started eating junk food and thats where it all went wrong but I think its because I used to finish at 3pm.

This is the time of day I find the most hardest, because now I really am craving food so bad as its the one time I defently eat.

Does anyone else have weird times when they are the worst? xx
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3pm as well!!! I'm so hungry right now! X


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Yup! I could tell what time it was just by my tummy growling at me! :(


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For me its between 1 and 4. I make sure I have a shake as soon as I get in! I feel if I can make it to 6 why waste all that hard work! My sister loulouless finds it harder in the evening, so I think we all have a weak point! Lets just struggle on and hopefully this may fade?


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I don't usually but today, I have serious hunger pang issues!! Water water water water.... x


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I don't get the munchies, but I do get a massive energy slump around 3pm!
I could just curl up and sleep!

sometimes I do, but once I have a job again then it's gonna be a bit of a problem! I hope that it's going to be transient that's all I can say!
I do too, what I've started doing is not having my first shake until 11-12 and then having my second one around 3-4, then when I'm driving home at 5 I'm less tempted to stop and buy food.

I find that I can cope with not having anything in the morning as that's my busiest time!


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My day time is fine, it when i'm sat down in the evening relaxing....but i've brought myself some really good coffee and then think when i'm itching for food 'i'll make myself a nice coffee' - works if not its bed!


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my hardest time is between 3 and 6 EVERYDAY since I can remember. I usually wait for my first shake to be at 12 AM then I can manage with two other shakes at 4 and 6 and then have my last one before bed time.


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Mine's when I get in from work which is between 4 and 5 I'm dreadful just want to snack/pick, I've started having just half a shake at lunch and then the other half when I get in to see if it helps

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