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Does anyone feel like...

Seems i'm not alone! Maybe we should form a club called 'doormats anon' LOL
Yes frequently, my prob is I always jump to everyone and don't let folk down but they never bother about letting me down or not helping me out. I am slowly learning to say no to others and not jump to help.
That's exactly what i do too, bikerangel! I'm always the first to help someone out, or lend a hand... i rarely get thanked for it (not that that's why i do it!) and when the shoe's on the other foot, no one comes running to me in times of need.

I seem to get forgotten about a lot too. Sometimes i wonder if i even exist!!! lol
My advice is do what I am trying and stop jumping for others and say no sometimes even though you got nowt else on just say you are busy then they might realise you are not there to be at thier beck and call
Being a nice person and caring about others is important, but if you are not careful you become a doormat, and then resentment alienates you from the very people you were trying to bond with. You resent them and they lose respect for you, because they don't need to show any and in relationships people are naturally lazy. Why would they put in any effort, when you seem content to accept them without it?

I'm a mumsy sort of woman, always fussing and trying to keep the peace. I tend to go along with things that others want to do, rather than pushing my own ideas too much...But I have a limit. At my age I've had a chance to learn that being a martyr is irritating for me and frankly a bit ugly for others to watch. It's better to have the courage of your convictions and only to do what you are happy to do, or give what you are happy to give freely. Then you are being true to yourself and honest with those around you.
Wise words - thank you! :) x

p.s. i love the quentin crisp quote in your sig :D
OMG Beki I've got the tee-shirt, but this is because I like to please others which makes me feel good about myself but then I have days when I think oh I'm such a doormat! x:sigh2:
Wise words - thank you! :) x

p.s. i love the quentin crisp quote in your sig :D
You're welcome. I'm not sure that I always live up to them. ;)

And yeah, Quentin was a star. He has said so many cool things I'm spoilt for choice. :D

Oscar Wilde might be quoted on my sig next though - I love him sooo much.
No its not just you. I get it too and Im not even a mum lol
Im a classic helper type that cant say no even when it makes me ill.....part of the reson I now have ME Im told. I am learning very slowly to say no though

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