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Does normal food make you ill after

After 4 weeks of being on the diet I had a day off and had KFC and afterwards the tummy cramps I had were awful!! Made me not want KFC again lol so instead we tried the SW version of KFC and it was so good and stomach cramp free lol
I get the same problem whenever I have fat these days. At least it helps me keep to the SW diet and not going too far off plan.
Tiphareth said:
I get the same problem whenever I have fat these days. At least it helps me keep to the SW diet and not going too far off plan.
That's exactly what I thought!!
4piggiepigs said:
being on slimming world for a while? i had a normal fried bacon eggs and buttered mushrooms (cos was out at mums and she has nothing slimming world friendly) and today i have stomach cramps and the runs
Surely it's not just about whether the food is SW friendly, it's also about the way you cook it! If your mum had bacon, which she obviously did, surely you could have cut the fat off and grilled it rather than eating fried bacon? And the same with the eggs!
ididnt even want it i looked for alternative's in the shop and thats all mum had so i ate it but i am very happy to of had it slimming world wayand next time i will have it that way i aint having this again
yh i guess i never really thought about it that much as i am normally at home i was only there for the day as my daughter was ill and i had to go docs which is near hers it was also my shopping day, i plan for at home really well and my local shops are sainsburys and aldi so lots of options i just never thought about being out and about and she cooked it in fat and butter i did trim the fat off tho


I nicked a McDonald's chip from my other half the other day. Put it in my mouth then spat it out and was nearly sick. The grease on it was disgusting. I never realised how greasy they were!
I can't have full fat cream or mayonnaise or cheese or anything dairy like that anymore, it makes me ill for days...

And in the fish & chip shop, I could actually smell the grease, almost taste it in the air, it was nasty :(


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I do agree you soon find alot of things greasy, I did go off the plan for 2 weeks over Xmas. It didn't make me ill ,but I was bloated and glad to get back on again. The only other real thing I noticed was I was regular!
I would agree I am definately regular on it and won't be doing it again got 2 and half "b target this week!!
I went out for a meal during the week to a Chinese restaurant and I had the worst headache the next day, prolly not related but I never get headaches...so I kinda thought it might be the food.

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