Slimming vegan (with pics)


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So I guess I'll kick off with abbit about me; in my early 30s with a toddler, single Mom and I run a business so very busy!

I restarted slimming world 07/01/2022. The last time I did it was well over 10 years ago. I'm vegan now (but wasn't then) so I'm starting from scratch really as last time I depended on meat and eggs to fill me up.

So far I've had 3 weigh-ins and lost 8.5 lbs (-4, -2.5, -2). My weigh in day is Friday.

I'm going to update my past few days to get the ball rolling and then I'll try to update when I get chance to keep myself on track.


Breakfast - I'm really bad at eating breakfast first thing. I much prefer a midday cooked brunch. This morning I ate half a banana before the gym for some quick energy.

Lunch - After gym I had Chickpea "chuna" lettuce boats. I made vegan syn free mayo with blended silken tofu, garlic granules and lemon, mixed this with crushed chickpeas, capers, itsu seaweed sheets (0.5 syns for half a pack).

Dinner - I had work and then had to take my son to my Mom's. It took ages to get back and by the time I was at the station my belly was rumbling. I found some vegan sushi in Tesco for 0.5 syns per small pack and had two. Once I got back I had Plant Pioneers vegan meatballs , smooshed them down so they'd cook quicker.made a quick sauce with tomatoes and herbs and served this is a WW wrap (HEB) with 40g vegan cheese (HEA) and spinach. Also had 400ml pf light soya milk throughout the day in coffee and tea as second HEA (although I rarely finish the full amount).

BM -Gym



Weigh day. I get weighed early so didn't eat beforehand and instead had a cooked lunch later on.

Lunch - Tofu scramble with mushrooms and tomatoes, beans and Quorn vegan ham (free) fried in frylight to make "bacon".

Dinner - this was cobbled together at work and was a bit pathetic - half a pack of squeaky bean tikka (2.5 syns), sugar free soya yogurt with mint and garlic, lettuce, red onion and a bit of pasta.

I was hungry when I got home and in bed had a mini feast with a cup of tea. I felt pretty bad even though I was on plan. 2 x penaut Hifi (HEB) 13g multipack skips (3.5 syns) and Graze cocoa and vanilla oat bites (7 syns). Milk in teas and coffees for my HEA



Today I had a crap food day because I was under prepared. I quickly threw strawberries in my bad before work and nibbled on a few during my shift. I didn't get chance to eat anything else until I was home. By the time I cooked it 6.30pm. Treated myself to a bit of a fake away- Vivera shawarma (1 syn for half a pack), WW wrap (HEB), Cholula hot sauce (0.5 for 3 tablespoons), mint and garlic yogurt, slimming world chips, lettuce, cucumber, onion.

I'm still hungry so will have a little look for something else in a bit most likely use my syns of hifi / Graze bar with a cuppa.



Pics of chickpea chuna lettuce boats and the meatballs wrap thing (I toasted it of in a pan to melt the cheese) I had the extra meatballs on the side and the sauce is the tofu mayo I'd made.
Hi! All your meals looks fab! I’m also vegan, and my weight now is same as your starting weight. My goal weight is similar too x