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Does your career affect your diet??


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Hi All

Just thought it would be interesting to see what you all do as a living...be that job or housewife/ full-time mum etc??

I also wondered what were the dieting pro's and cons of your job??

I will start:

I work as a recruitment consultant...a pro is i'm so busy i don't get chance to snack and my colleagues are very healthy eaters, so only good food in the office

Main con is coming up to Xmas we get loads of boxes of choccies sent from our workers and clients!!!

Kate x
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I work in an accounts team - we rarely have sweets in the office and we also work in the middle of nowhere, no local shops or stuff so i have to ensure i have a lunch for work or else there is nothing for me to have. Everyone at work knows i am on SW so if there are things (rare occasion) like chocs out they are all pretty supportive!!! and annoying if i do decide to have one!! (can you have that ?!?!?!? shocked faces, etc etc)

Problem is that downstairs is a snack vending machine laden with goodies.....thankfully they are SO overpriced i dont often raid it!!! Phew!


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Im currently unemployed but temp as a receptionist when the work is available.When working reception can be stunningly boring so Im thinking what can i eat next,Ive usually taken a healthy lunch and fruit but if there is any food about later in the afternoon I will eat it.Im much better off at home I eat better.

Im seriously thinking of a change of work type so Im busy and not sat just answering a phone.


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I run an office - overseeing the operation and taking care of the sales.

Pro - I love my job so no need to comfort eat at work.

Con - I am doing so much that I am wiped out by the end of the day so go for easy to prepare junk and have struggled to find the energy to go to the gym

Another con - have to do a fair bit of entertaining - have put on 2 stone since starting this job 12 months ago!!

Really need to lose weight but wouldn't change my job for the world



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Plenty of buffet lunches, people bringing in cakes for their birthday etc.

And every time I refuse I have to have a full blown argument as to why I really DO NOT want a cream cake. No I can't just run one extra lap!!

And then I get let off the hook for 10 mins then you get...

"oh go on have a doughnut/cake/mince pie"


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I've been temping in an office for the last 7 months and it's great in that I can sit and eat my breakfast at my desk and can graze on fruit without it affecting my work, but on site there is also a restaurant, a bistro, starbucks, a canteen, a burger bar and a sandwich bar, then on top of that there is a shop where the trainee chefs sell their cooked meals and pastries, and at about 3pm each day we get emails with 'offers' of things the trainee chefs have made that day which are for sale for next to nothing - So there is temptation everywhere and it's not somewhere that's easy to go to if you've not planned your day's food carefully!!! (ironically enough my SW consultant works in the burger bar & tried to make me eat a burger the other day!!)

I used to work on a reception and found it very hard to follow SW, as I wasn't allowed to eat on reception and only had a lunch time, so I couldn't snack on fruit or free food, so come meals I was absolutely ravenous, that work situation and a 2 hour commute each way, made it almost impossible to stick to SW with any success.


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I work as a quantity surveyor on site, we start at 7:30 and finish at 6pm sometimes were expeted to stay longer. So i would say:
PROS: can go for long walks to burn off calories / can prepare my meals so that i can take them into work
CONS: working with men they buy a lot of biscuits, chocolates and unhealthy snacks - and these are aleays in meetings / shops are very local so theres an excuse to go and buy rubbish / we get given wine beer chocolates and biscuits whenever new subcontractors are looking for work

Thats all i can think of at the moment, but i enjoy my job so id say that was a pro - although at the start of a new job its usually quiet so theres more temptation to snack



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I'm a young persons drug & alcohol counsellor. We have an office with a small kitchen (fridge, kettle, toaster & microwave) which makes it easy to stick to SW and to store yogurts, etc. in case I forget my food.

My role is mainly outreach in the community, so I see my clients at home, school, college, etc and can pop to the supermarket on the way back to the office.

Couldn't ask for a more SW friendly job, although if it gets a bit hectic I have to eat at random times, but that's not too often.


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I am a full time mum, so there is a lot of snacks around as my little boy is constantly hungry ( I am teaching him to snack on healthy stuff , he is 4 years old now and he loves prawns, cous cous,carrots and broccoli), prons plenty of time to plan, prepare and cook sw friendly meals
Also I volunteer in CAB twice a week and there is a lot of sweets, cakes etc, almost all the time someone is having a birthday or clients are very thankfull :)


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I work as a chef lol! Have also worked as a deli manageress (gulp). VERY difficult not to keep picking so I ask my colleagues to throw things at me or slap me if they see me (which they did quite happily hmmmmm). I say did cos now I'm doing Slimming World, I can pick all day, as long as 'it's allowed' snacks lol xx


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A wide variety of interesting jobs



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I'm a teacher.
Con - too many snacks around at break
Con - Christmas and end of yr chocolates!!!
Con - far too busy with work during the day, work in the evenings and playing with my boys in between times to do any exercise!!

Must get a new career!! Xx


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I work have never met people who eat as much rubbish as my colleagues! And i thought this pre SW days! They think nothing of having a bag of crisps (the bigger bag of McCoys usually) and a chocolate bar (kingsize!) before lunch. One of their mothers also calls in every day with doughnuts, custard tarts, chocolate eclairs, cupcakes etc. I do not know how they are not the size of houses!

We work beside a newsagent and supermaket so plenty of temptation. When I started SW and said dont buy me something when they were going they still would because they "didnt want to leave me out" even though I said dont! Several hard doughnuts later they eventually stopped buying it.

I sit and eat my banana if im hungry while they get their sugar fix :innocent0002:


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I'm a part-time accountants secretary/receptionist.

Pros - too busy to think about food.
Cons - my hours mean no lunch break as such - however, so far have not been hungry when I get home (put it down to all the charging around I do!!)


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I'm a teacher.
Con - too many snacks around at break
Con - Christmas and end of yr chocolates!!!
Con - far too busy with work during the day, work in the evenings and playing with my boys in between times to do any exercise!!

Must get a new career!! Xx

I'm also a teacher and I agree with all of the above! Although not the playing with children as I don't have any sprogs of my own :)

Birthdays are the worst as everybody has to bring in cakes ofr their birthday...I completely lack willpower when it comes to cake :eek:

Sian xx


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Its interesting to read what everyone does for a living.I envy the people who have work that they love doing I think Ive always just done a job for the money and not really been happy doing it.


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I run my own catering business from home and am constantly surrounded by food!! It takes a lot of will power to not pick at super yummy rich food! And even harder as have taste everything I cook so just a tiny taste for me! Just make sure I have lots of free food around to snack on! I just keep reminding myself that just because I work with food doesn't mean I have to eat it all the time!!

In the last two years since training to be a chef I have put on 2 1/2 stone!! Aaarrgh!!! Three weeks in and I've lost half a stone, keep telling myself everytime I think "oh I'll just have a mouthful of this or a little helping of that" nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!!! Can't wait to get back in my old skinny jeans!! Good luck everyone!!


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...I completely lack willpower when it comes to cake :eek:
Well I run my own business from home, I'm a cake baker and decorator. Thing is I'm not a fan of eating cake.....anymore:8855:

Pro- I dont inhale my food like I used to working in retail. :17729:

Cons- I always have ingredients around to whip up something naughty! :eek:

Qua Sae

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I work as an admin for a warehouse

Pros - I can plan my meals around my shifts because I only work 4hrs a day
Cons - My 4 hours fall awkwardly which means I have to really plan my meals & sometimes eat them on the bus. Occasionally I am too tired/fed up to cook so I either eat the same meals over & over, or I order in (like Sunday!). We often have cream cakes/doughnuts/biscuits on the side from customers or the boss as a thank you.