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Doesnt feel like a diet


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I feel exactly the same as you, seems like Im constantly eating. Will have to weight (ha) til Wed eve for my first weigh in, but so far have stuck to my allowed points and havent used any of the 49 extra so fingers x for good result
Good god! I wish I was like u 2! I really struggle 2 curb my hunger so if I stick to 29 I'm hungry - I am right now! I like to drink lots of tea n coffee but each cup with semi skimmed is approx 1 pp which sux. Hey ho.......
Loser85 said:
Anyone feel like this? Keep thinking im doing wrong by eating what i want. (within pp) For instance my tea i had a jacket spud, 3 birds eye chicken fingers and half a tin of heinz beans. All for 17 pp. This doesnt feel like diet food to me. (makes me worried for WI too)
That's what's good about WW, as long as your eating your points you can choose to have what you like ;-) I'm 4 stone lighter so can say that it works....good luck for your weigh in...xx
Im on 48 pps a day rach, so maybe thats why i dont really have hunger problems. Havnt touched my weeklies either. Will just have to wait and see what happens with WI on wednesday. Tracer got to say a massive well done on shifting the 4 stone. :)
I feel like it is a diet in sense I have to look carefully at everything I eat. Some days I spend them badly and end up hungry, and sometimes I spend them well and feel full with some points left over, but either way I still feel that every day is a challenge =/
Maybe i just have 1st week excitement. Either that or my bodies happy for not being shoved full of crap anymore. Whichever one it is ill try and keep a hold of this feeling. In a few weeks time it might be a different story mind you! But for now my acid reflux is lying dormant and tummys fine. All good :D
First week I lost 5lb second week I lost 4lb and thought this has got to be the worlds best diet! But since then lost nothing!!! Not sure what's going on, am trying to use more points on protein rather than bread bread bread as I don't think my body and carbs are a healthy combo! I love carbs but I'm always bloated and hungry straight after! So I'm trying to make a few changes so that my meals aren't all carb! Keep us posted on WI! X x
yea i know how u feel i had chinese on fri nite nd chocolate last nite felt like i really pigged out this weekend but still havent gone over my weeklies!i lost 7lbs last week but was really strict on myself and hadnt used any of my weeklies so i suppose il find out on thurs if i did go overboard!good luck on ur 1st week Loser 85 hope it goes well!x

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