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Hello all,

I used MiniMins many moons ago when I was on the Dukan Diet and made a wealth of connections during that time.

Dukan allowed me to be the slimmest I have ever been (size 8) but for me, was very expensive to maintain long-term [it may have changed since then].

10 years later and I am heavier than ever! [20 kg heavier to be exact]

I am not following a diet regime as such but am trying to stay within 1800 cals a day (40% Carbs, 20% Fats, 40% Proteins) and aim to gym 4x per week [2 x lower body workout, 2 x upper body workout] - with a core workout thrown in on a 'rest' day.

I do feel like I have a hormonal issue affecting my efforts in the gym, so am currently looking into that.

Since the 3rd of Feb 23', I have been able to lose 5lbs by doing the above but, I have cheated several times food-wise, so hopefully MiniMins will help keep me on track as I aim to look my best by my next birthday [October].

I also have an enemy of progress in my house (grown child) who likes to bring home wish me luck lol.

Love M xXx

Starting weight 19/03/23 - 84.6 kg // 186.5 lbs // 13.3 st

Goal weight - 60.3 kg // 133 lbs // 9.5 st