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Don't understand how im going to lose

Hi all

As said in previous threads i lost 2 stone on slimming world a few years ago to then put a stone back ont hen lose 4 stone doing Calorie counting.
I started Slimming world again on Monday just passed and cant understand how im going to lose with going from still calorie counting to eating as much as i am on this diet...

Weigh day tomorrow, someone help me stay positive!!
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You may find that this week your loss is quite small, but it will balance out in the coming weeks as your body gets used to it's new diet. Stick with it, it works amazingly well if you put the effort in and keep going.

I sort of felt the same as you this time round as it was the first time I'd done extra easy which goes against the grain at first when you are used to green & red days. I lost 4.5lb in my first week:)

Hope that helps x
It does, thankyou, im trying ro stay positive and have been ultra good not weighing myself this week, normally im on the scales every day!! I know i shouldnt!!
Im not attending classes so unsure on the Extra Easy plan so just sticking to red and green x


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Hide your scales! I put mine away as I was finding weighing everyday a bit frustrating as weight fluctuates day to day naturally. Looking at loss over a week is going to show a more balanced result.

Best of luck, you have found a great site with lots of support and meal & snack ideas. I would recommend trying extra easy as once you get your head around it, it's really quite brilliant. I don't really feel like im dieting! X


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Forget the calorie counting. Not all calories as the same and this is why SW works. 300 calories of pasta will fill you up for a long time in relation to its calorie content. 300 calories of chocolate will not fill you up at all and half an hour later you would likely be looking for something else to eat. SW is about the satiety power of foods, not just the calories.
Thanks so much guys, i shall be sure to let you know of my hopeful loss :)
Lost 2lb's everyone so does this sound ok considering ive come off Calorie Counting onto this?
You've done really well - well done!
Brill weight loss x x
Hopefuly i can keep it up and get to target once and for all xx
Well I'm not losing. 2 in first week n into third n nothing now :( x


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Sorry but you are losing! You lost 2lbs in two weeks! That's a bag of sugar!! You don't have an awful lot to lose so you may find that it comes off a bit more slowly. And it's just a fact of life that there will be weeks when you stay the same even though you have been 100%. You really need to take a longer term view rather than get hung up in a roller coaster of weekly weigh in emotions.

Do you post your diary on here? If not I would start doing that. And just to make sure you are doing everything you can to maximise losses, as yourself if you are having your one third superfree, are you eating free foods just because they are free and not only when hungry, are you getting a good variety of foods, are you exercising, and can you make an effort to include lots of speed and superspeed foods in your diet.

But most of all, don't give up .. it's a war and one lost battle does lose the war.

ETA Just remembered that you had a day where you ate nothing except a banana for pretty much the whole day. That is not going to help your losses and if you do it regularly then could stall them completely. I think a food diary is the way to go.
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Sorry to seem like i am moaning, i think its cos i have put that half a stone on and its got to me that i cant lose it again very well.
I dont exercise a lot, when i do its just on the exercise bike and i do about 40-50 sit ups a day to try tone the stomach up.
I will start the food diary and then at least i can be told if im doing wrong.
Thankyou and again, sorry to seem like im moaning. I am still overweight, just be happy to get into the top's of the 8's....even 8,13 would be nice! lol

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