Don't you just hate it..........


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When you start a group and someone makes that comment ,"You don't need to be here anyway, you're fine as you are!" Grrrrrr!
Im a restarter, lost a stone last year then left half a stone away from target as i lost motivation. Anyway, a year on and a holiday to look forwards to i thought id feel so much better in a bikini if i shifted the weight. Ok, i know im not huge but a size 14 (with a wardrobe full of 12's) is not where i want to be! And at 5'3, i feel big!
So off i toddle, full of determination...The consultant and the group were sooo lovely and i feel super motivated, step on the scales then a little voice in the queue pipes up to say those words that made me feel just plain annoyed!!!
Are there any others that have had the same??
Well thats the rant over :D... Youre all doing great by the way, this site is full of support and motivation (as i found out last year) and you know not telling gobby queue lady about you! So there :p xx
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Welcome back nikki1974. Although I don't quite have the same problem as I have a lot more to lose I can understand how frustrating it would be.
You have been on this journey before and you are back to finish it.
Good luck with shifting the last bit of weight.



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Ive never experienced that but Ive heard it said to others. I dont agree with it at all. After all every body is different! If someone isnt happy with theirs its not my place or anyone elses to tell them they dont belong there lol!
Good for you for going back and good luck!


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I've had it said to me on a few occassions "You don't look like you need to be here". Simple answer is "well you didn't see me 2yrs ago". We all have our reasons for being members - and be that wishing to loose 7lb or 15st - those reasons are personal to us - and no-one else. The key thing is that we've chosen to change our lives and improve our lives by doing something to make us happy.

Ignore them is all I can say.


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haha i wish it was said to me but i know where you are coming from, i think there is alot of fatism out there but also alot of negativity towards slim and healthy. We just cant win in this country lol. I have heard it mentioned in groups before both when people walk in and at image therapy. Usually things like "she only looks about 8 stone wet through whats she doing here" and when someone has a bad week i find if they are at the end of their journey or at target people dont listen, ususally with a "problems as if shes ever had a weight problem look at her.

At the end of the day good on you !!!!!! if you feel right and happy then fair enough but if you feel like your not quite there yet why should you not do something about it.

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I got that when I re joined WW many moons ago-it was the lady who was taking the money no less! Unfortunately for the person who said it, I was having a very bad day and decided not to smile sweetly and say nothing. I simply explained that just because I wasn't as big as some members of the group, it didn't mean that my wanting to lose weight wasn't as important and that if I wasn't going to be taken seriously I would take my money elsewhere (like I said, I'd had a BAD day!)
I think some people have an idea of what a person who joins a slimming club should look like. But it is probably more down to the fact that people who have quite a lot to lose would probably be very happy at the weight a smaller person is when they join the group. I know if it were me I'd be thinking to myself "well what are you moaning about love" Would never say it though, be afraid of getting an earful!


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Thats quite an unfair thing to say about you op as you have every RIGHT ti be there. If you wish to loose weight and wish for the support then why not. I'm sure when i get down to my goal weight i will still be going to class, as though i;ve only been a few times, its kept me on track,


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(un)Fortunately for me I dont seem to suffer this problem, but I suspect it is because my Consultant still uses my "Woman of the Year" board as a room decoration. So people can see that there is a reason I am there.

I have no doubt though that continuing to attend keeps me focussed. So even if they do think that, well, up to them, isnt it. I go because I need to.


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I'd take it as a compliment. I'm sure she never meant anything by it. Perhaps it was a case of the little green monster!

I was told last week that she was surprised i was there because I'm not fat!!! Imagine how chuffed I was. If that's wot people think now then when I'm 2 stone lighter they're gonna think double WOW!

So smile and be glad that even though you feel big looking out, prople looking in think you're not! We can be our harshest critics!!!


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I can't say I'm anywhere near someone saying that, but I do hear it said. The two things I keep in mind are that a) the person may have already lost 10 stone, and that's WHY they look great, and b) the struggle that one of our slimmest, most beautiful members has, trying to shed a few pounds. She looks stunning, but the three pounds she wants to lose bother her MUCH more than the three stone I need to....the last hting she needs to hear is that she looks fine. She DOES, but she doens't feel it. Her need for class is possibly greater than most :)


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I'd take it as a compliment. I'm sure she never meant anything by it. Perhaps it was a case of the little green monster!

So smile and be glad that even though you feel big looking out, prople looking in think you're not! We can be our harshest critics!!!

My thoughts exactly.

I get told not to fret about the stone I want to shift to get back to my lightest weight. I get told not to moan and that I look great. I look okay in my book, but not great. People with a lot to lose just don't see that but they don't mean anything by it.


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Whether we have 7 or 70lbs to lose, if we dont feel happy in ourselves about our weight, its not really about the good on you Nikki


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Thanks everyone for the replies! :)
At the end of the day...whether we are a size 8 or 28 we are all here because we are not happy the way we are!
I wouldnt dream of telling someone they are too big or too small....its the person inside that counts.People can be so judgemental!
Anyway, Good luck to all of you......We WILL get there :grouphugg:xx


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to be honest when i see some one at class thinner than me it spurrs me on i feel envious but very pleased for them it gives me a push in the right direction so i say continue going you know when you are comfortable no-one else and im sure a large mojority see it that way too good luck.