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Drinking more water?

It doesnt make any difference, its been tried many times before and people may feel better coming off fizzy drinks but if there is no proven link between drinking more water and bigger weight losses. If it does happen its probably just a happy coincidence which would have happened anyway. Drink too much and you may retain and your losses suffer

So long as youre drinking 2litres of fluid a day youre drinking plenty :)
I heard that aswell..Aww..wished it were truue.. :( buut I've also heard that when you're trying to loose weight it's a really good thing to drink loads because it helps your skin stay more elastic and shrink to you're size faster.....is that true?? :)
Hmm..well I've heard loads of hot baths, water and lotion...along with certain exercises will deffinately help that...and Dr's always say when dieting to drink loads of water...
I was told that was suppose to work and had a nice hot bath after that and did notice that my skin felt firm when I got out...Have you ever noticed when you get out the bath you feel really tight all over..? but it probably doesn't last long..I've also heard things like expoliating your skin does it because it gets rid of the dead skin and helps tighten it..and creams and oils and all that stuff...Obviously I'll be trying it if I start loosing...Just in case ;)


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Interesting thread. I have always been rubbish at getting water in me. I am an ex-VLCDer, so it's always been really important to get the water in - and I am useless!! I am going to try to drink more while on WW, just for a health point of view - and if it speeds up the weight loss then all the better! :)

SD x
i think water is good for weightloss as it fills you up then you can't eat don't think it helps in actually losing weight:),,i really struggle with water i get about 3 pints into me a day and that's about it even tho i add sugar free squash i still struggle,,my leader told me tea counts as your fluid intake,,but i've been reading a nutritionists report and she says only green tea is counted,,not regular tea:(
Hmm I never drink water only a glass of whatever is there wen Iam thirsty. I will do a experiment starting on Friday and drink a minimum of 2 litres everyday till my next weigh in and see what happens x
From what I have seen from reports on tv and other articles (think it was the One Show Dr I remember clearly) the idea that you have to drink loads of water is a myth and any liquid counts too except alcohol. You also get a lot of water from your food. Fruit and veg are mainly water and that water goes in you when you eat it. I am also quite skeptical about what nutritionists say. Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. There is no legal qualification. And imo a lot just pedal a load of pseudo-science with no scientific back up.
Water helps flush out the toxin, also helps waste from bowel and kidneys coz if you don't drink enough water you get constipated and put your kidneys under stress. It's supposed to ease headaches and make you feel fuller. HTH.


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Yeah, I'd heard that all fluids did the same thing, but to avoid diuretics. Oh I dunno. Lol.

Be interesting to see how your water drinking experiment goes. :)

SD xx


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Ooh, I like the sound of feeling less tired! That's an incentive if nothing else :)

SD x


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I was going to ask about that over on another thread - are sugar free squashes generally 0pp??

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