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Dry body brushing


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Hi just wondering if any of you do dry body brushing. Some dieticians recommend it when you start a diet to help tone and move fat deposits under the skin. Supposed to be good for cellulite and increasing energy also. It also helps cleanse the lymphatic system.
I started a little while back but I haven't been consistent, however when I do it I do feel my skin is soooo soft. The first time I did it there was a cloud of dead skin floating around the bathroom.
Just thought I'd post this here as I dry brushed this morning in the hope that it may help with the loose skin as the weeks go by as it would be like a massage.
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how big a brush

They would need a pretty big brush for me. lol
Lat us know how you get on if/when you have a go.
i would be willing to give it a try - how do you do it? i've never heard of it before!


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I started doing this about halfway through tfr as a lady I know that did LT said all her cellulite had gone while doing it. I do it every morning before my shower. Before TFR I had LOADS of cellulite, and now it is minimal I am absolutely delighted. I do use a firming anti cellulite cream so mornings too. I bought a cheap real loofah from TK Max. Boday brush is said to drain the lymph that runs alongside the blood circulatory system (or something like that!) Start at the feet and brush in circular motions and work upward towards the heart. Be careful of sensitive areas - I came out in a massive rash on my chest, so just use a scrub and facial scrub on those areas.


..doing it!
Heloooo :wavey:

I have been dry body brushing for years.

I get mine from the body shop :) but im sure you can get them from other shops too.

It helps to break up fatty deposits, aids in lymphatic drainage and detoxification, and stimulates circulation as well as exfoliation.

I use it on my body every day before i take a shower. Starting from my legs then arms, brushiung my body in upward circular motions getting closer to my heart.

I would say that if you are starting to use them for the first time then perhaps start around 3 days a week with a soft brush and build it up till you feel comfortable.

You don't need to rub too hard and the long handle makes it easy to use on your back and bum.

My skin is always soft as a result ;)

I hope this has helped :cool:

Lei xxx
Oooh I like the sound of this, i'm going to give it a go, so its basically just massaging your skin with a long handled brush??


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Hey Matronix- you certainly don't need a big brush anymore.
Natters and Mexico there are numerous sites which go into it in depth just google dry brushing and you will get even more tips.
I just want to add that if you have any sores or varicous veins don't brush them as it can be irritating to them. However because of the brushing (other than where the veins are)some people believe they lessen varicous veins. Can't wait for you all to post on how much dead skin came off - honestly mine was like a blanket of fog.


..doing it!
Hellooo :wavey:

Yep loulouless you are right :) you can use small circular strokes with the brush. Then massage body cream into the skin after you have bathed/showered.

Lei xx


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Ho Loulouless, didn't see you there, if you google the sites they will often show you what the brushes look like, I am useless at adding links to sites that why I haven't done so. Sorry !!
I know my circulation is poor and heard that dry brushing is good for that. Thank you for posting your experiences - it has prompted me to actually try it at long last:thankyou:
This sounds really interesting but a bit time consuming maybe? Thanks for the instructions but may I ask how long it takes most people - so I can use it as a guide pls?

Big thank you,

Hmmmmm, sounds really good to me......something else to purchase with my Boots Club points!


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i do it too but with long upward strokes towards the heart and yes, it does seem to lessen the cellulite. whether its a combination of exercise, diet and brushing which helps ..dont really care as long it does the job lol

i used to have for years, very bumpy skin on the tops of my arms and legs which meant i never wore sleeveless tops. having done this for a year its all gone. i wish id done it years ago :)

h x


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Hi Chocoholica, I dry brush for about 7-8 mins and I am a big woman, some say 7 some say 15, all according to the individual I suppose. You don't have to do it every day but if you had 10 mins or so to spare before your shower or bath then it would be good to do so. Good to moisturise all over after the wash.
Hi Supaslimma, enjoy the shopping, it's nice to treat yourself on this diet, isn't it.


I will be skinny again!!!
liking the sound of this girlies...

What does the brush look like and how much does it cost?


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Ran to the chemist yesterday and bought a brush, it just sounds amazing! One questions: Do you have to do it in the morning?As I don't have much time in the morning or is it Ok to do it in d evenning? As I shower every night before I go to bed!
I googled the Body Shop website and they have some amazing brushes and kit there. I guess its good to do before any shower, if you do it before bedtime it may help towards a good nights sleep, and also going to bed all slinky, feeling fab. Who knows? I am definitely going to give it a go. Since I have gained all this weight I have neglected myself badly. Do not feel glam anymore.
This ladies may be an introduction towards looking after a new glam me. I might have to buy a brush with an extra long handle though as at this stage reaching my feet and derriere are a bit of a mission lol!!
Thanks Doirin, (congrats again!)
7 mins sounds do-able!! I have to remember any extra movement is good for shifting those pounds too;)
I have quite bumpy skin on upper arms too possibly similar to Harriet so I'll definitely buy a brush when in town tomorrow.

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