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Easter Monday - What are you doing?


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Morning Everyone
It is cold and breezy here in Wirral this morning - No plans to go out!!!:p
Strating off with a lovely brunch-
Eggy bread, Mushrooms, Baked Beans and Tinned Tomatoes. This should take me through to tonights meal.:D which is Pasta, Bean and Vegetable bake - a WW recipe and I have even planned tomorrows meals.
After my brunch I am going to 'blitz' the house (downstairs) will do upstairs on Wednesday!!!!! Going to hoover, wash paintwork, change the lounge furniture around - hope to have a good 'workout' Must not forget to do 6 minutes on the Ab Trainer.:p
I am off work now for 2 weeks and a good spring clean is in order.:eek:
What about you?
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Hiya Irene hope you enjoy your day. I am going to stick a chicken in the oven in a min for later. Got loads of tidying to do but I don't know why I am bothering because the kids are off school and the house looks like a hurricane has took up camp in it. Apart from that not much really oh I gotta make rice crispy cakes with the kids later.

Have a nice day all...


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No real plans as STILL got this blinking cold. Might watch my new DVD 'Elizabeth' which DD2 got me for Mothers Day. Want to see my Mum and Dad but daren't go near them with germs!

Hope everyone has a nice day off!
Hi Irene

Your brunch sounds lush! It is really chilly in Essex today. Spending a good amount of the day studying and trying to find my bored hubby something to do! Golf course is closed! LOL Getting laundry done and that is about it as I have to work tomorrow :-(

I wish I was off for the next 2 weeks, these last 4 days off have been lovely!!!

Have a good day!
My plan sounds just like yours Irene - good blitzing of downstairs today, having a break tomorrow and then doing upstairs on wed (third floor can wait - I hardly ever go up there anyway - its like a games room kinda thing for by bf and his mates!) Then enoy the rest of my two weeks off - take it you work in a school too? xxx
Its blowing a gale in Wales brrrr, im going on my little gadget today to burn away another piece of chocolate i happened to walk past in the kitchen, its going on my syn list today, does anybody know the name of the M&S syn free sausages as i may have a red day today as my star week has arrived and i think i better keep off the carbs.
Ruthy xxxx


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Rainbow - Yes I work as a receptionist in a High School. What about you? Nothing seems to get done in the house these days properly with working FT and then weekends are shopping, washing, ironing etc..... Don't think I could work FT if it wasn't for the holidays.:p
Tomorrow my best friend is coming for lunch - she started SW 3 weeks ago and is raving about it - I have always said how good it is and she decided to give it a go.
You could always do the 3rd floor on Friday.:eek: LOL
My brunch was delicious....... Changed the EM to a stir fry, trying to cut down on my pasta - but as a veggie I find it hard any ideas anyone?
Hubby and youngest son have just gone out to look at buying more fish for the garden pond - told them to take as long as they want and eldest son is out all day with his mates so must get started with the HW
Speak later
LOL is m&s OPEN?
I too am cleaning (dinner party on saturday night turned into more of a house party!!). My lovely Mum is cooking roast lamb, so I will venture round the farm to see them later. Apart from that.... it's just going to be getting ready for work again. Ohh, depending what time it is when I get home I may make a big batch of free spicy parsnip soup and bung it in the freezer.
L xx
Oooh syn free sausages yummy!!!!!!!!! My slimming world consulatant also recommends Eat smart pork sausages which are syn free from morrissons supermarket. I have worked ALL weekend as I am a paediatric nurse. Was really looking forward to having today off and would you believe it, I am ill with a stonking cough and cold!!! Will take ALL my will power today not to tuck into some easter egg as I am feeling VERY sorry for myself!!


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I had to work today but came home to an Easter egg! Very naughty, I know, but it's the only one I had so I'm not going to beat myself up over it!

Happy easter everyone x x
Irene - I teach at an infant school - and like you don't think I could work full time and run a house without the ample school hols that we get! Do feel sorry for people who have jobs with non school holiday allowances (like nearly everyone!) I stole a bit of easter egg from my mums house before - and had to get my b.f to take it away as I could see temptation calling me!! Just been shopping to buy a baby gate (to stop puppy getting up stairs) its heaving at the shopping outlet - think people had gone cos they were bored!! Hope the tidying/cleanings gone well XXX


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I admire anyone who teaches - mind you at infant school it can be very rewrding? By the time they get to High School - ahhhhhhh:eek:
I did really well with my cleaning after a slow start - did all downstairs, then did our bedroom and the bathroom (a job I hate - well with 3 males in the house)!!!!!!! Just my sons bedrooms to do on Wednesday - that will probably take longer to do thane everything today!!!!!!
Sitting at the PC with my Easter Egg - which was a bottle of wine (2 glass ones), going to do my stir fry shortly - don't know whether I will do my exercise tonight may do double tomorrow.
Feel really good tonight - weigh in tomorrow????
Could never teach even juniors, so seniors are a definite no-no!! yer it is rewarding, tiring though - I feel at total meltdown by the time the hols come around! I had sty fry for tea tonight - yummy!! xxx good luck for tomorrow - let us know how you get on xxx


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Hi Rainbow
Hope you are enjoying your holiday. I certainly am. Met up with a friend yesterday and had a good chat, she started SW a few weeks ago and is raving about it. As all my days are green it certainly made me think how more difficult it would be for me if I had red and green days to sort out.:p
Well aftert a brilliant day doing HW or Monday - didn't stop until 7ish, been to Asda this morning, washer on quite a few times (why do I 'find' washing when the weather is sunny?):eek: I have not yet started 'spring cleaning' upstairs.:sigh: Going to make a start shortly - must get off the PC!!!!!
Tomorrow off to Chester to look at summer clothes - won't buy much as I want to save that for when I get to target weight.:p
yeah Im not buying too many clothes yet - although having to buy some as mine (especially bottoms) are too big and fall down) the things I have bought are mainly from e-bay! cheap and cheerfull and will do for now xx


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Just back from Chester and I have bought a new pair of Jeans, Combats and trouser for work - bought a size smaller than I normally do:) hope they are a nice fit - my stomach is still big.:(
Had a good time in the chat room last night - may get in there tonight if anyone is around.

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