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What are you doing today?


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Morning everyone
A bright breezy morning here in Wirral - fluttering of snow earlier - looking at the TV I envy those living in Birmingham and the South.:p
Washer on, done a bit of ironing - off to do the housework and all the jobs I have been putting off for days and then while the Formula 1 is on I will do more ironing.
Back to work tomorrow after the Easter holidays so got to be done today.:eek:
Enjoy your day whatever you are doing.
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Team FFF!!!
Morning all :D

I've only just got out of bed, hubby got up with the kids for a change so I read my book :D

Hubby is now making a cake with Amber

All this attentiveness seems to coincide with the fact that the Grand prix is on for 3 hours today....hhhhmmmmm:D

I need to do some ironing and boring stuff like that, apart from that I'll be getting all the school stuff ready for when the kids go back on Tuesday :D
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I had all sorts of plans as hubby was to be golfing until 1 or 2 but he got snowed out so he is in my hair now! LOL

Got up and did my run first thing so that I didn't get out of it. Now doing a bit of cleaning and cooking (making hubby some banana bread - drool). Then have to study for several hours. Just relaxing this weekend as I have a very busy week ahead!

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Got up this morning and my tumble dryer is broken. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

So I'm off out in a min to buy an airer and a washing line to make do till I can get a new tumble dryer. The buying of the tumble dryer isnt an issue but all my laundry machines are in the cellar and there is no way I would be able to get it down those narrow stone steps myself. Oh the woes of being a single woman!

My parents are coming over this afternoon so I have to go make them lunch now and then we're having a gorgeous roast chicken dinner later. Butternut squash soup to start with and then roast chicken stuffed with haggis, broc, carrots, courgettes and some baby new pots. Yum !

I wonder, is it too cold to hang washing out ? Its dry here but very chilly. I can see stiff cardboard-like laundry in my immediate future. !


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Looking after my mums cats while she is away for 2 weeks so we stayed at her place last night, put some washing in her dryer before we left to come home (we don't have a tumble dryer ATM), then I put my newly acquired sparring kit (bought it for a fraction of the price from a mate who has given up karate) in the washing machine and now I don't know where to put it to dry!

I had a grapefruit and mullerlight for breakfast and a huge bowl of pasta for lunch. I was also naughty and had a Cadburys mint crisp cake bar!

I have read some of my book and done some work on a blanket I am crocheting for my nephew. I should really put some more washing on but it's Sunday and Sundays are lazy days!

This afternoon I have to visit my nans who are both in hospitals on opposite sides of town! Then back to my mums, sort out the dried washing, feed the cats then bed!


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We'vehad a wander round the shops so dh can buy some more motorbike gloves and some more waterproofs. No excuse for needing to take my car to work now LOL. Now about to cook some lunch although I'm not hungry at all! I know i will be later when I'm out though. Then I'm going to join a gym, a bit nervous about that and off to visit mum before coming back to a pile of ironing sigh!

Roz x
Hubby at work till 7 so i have been out with one of my girls and the dog up to the shop for a paper. Had grapefruit and oranges for brek followed by omelette with bacon. Got pork in oven i am just having salad today with mine kids and hub having the works..


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It goes from being chilly and fluttery snowy to warm and sunny here - at the moment its somewhere in between! We've just taken the dog out - he had his second injection last week so is finally allowed out (yer I know its only been about 4 weeks - but it feels like forever!) Bless him he didn't know what to make of being allowed to walk and not having to be carried everywhere. At my mums tonight for a roast dinner (bless her she sticks to the SW optimizing for me though) Hope everyones having/had a fabulous weekend, back to work for me tomorrow (teacher training - no children til tuesday) xxx
Hiya girlies

Today i have been naughty, i ve had spent yet more money on my garden...Oppps
I bought a wisteria from my local garden centre and a huge ceramic pot to put it in. Ive been told it may take years to flower but its worth its worth waiting for. Has anyone got experience with this plant?

Then i went to woolworths and wanted to buy a garden set of Beatrix potter ornaments....but ended up putting them back because they didnt look they would fit in my garden as they did look a bit cheap. Im trying to get my garden to look rustic....lots of logs benches made out of reclaimed wood and tree stumps....so i think i done the right thing to put them back :(

Food wise i have eaten- 1 apple, shreddies, 350ml skimmed milk, savoury rice& salad and tonight i will have a stir fry and a mullar light.

Ruthy xxx mmmwaaaah!


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It has started snowing here again. It's not settleing but there is quite a lot falling. I love the snow
hi everyone,
nice to read what you're up to.
i'm just getting chores done round the house... feeling a bit bad about yesterday - was doing very well, had a few drinks sticking to the syns but then ended up blowing it all on a late night treat... a wicked 24 syns!!! so cross with myself and only at the end of week one. doesn't bode well for the future.

i could feel myself starting to want to be naughty and have a treat and then another but couldn't stop myself. trying to think positive today but would like to try and work out a way of it not happening again! i'm guessing cutting out the alcohol so my resistance isn't weak is probably the answer but that seems a bit dull - i only had a few! any ideas ladies?

kat x
hi everyone ive been at work allday and now running around trying to do the housework i woul dnormally do tomorrow but am working and hunbby coming home tomorrow night so have to make sure house is nice for him.

also have to have bath an do all the nice things so look ok for hubby lol

ashley xx


Wants to be a loser!
Well I spent the afternoon shopping - I realised today that I go on holiday in just over a month and I am working 3 of the 4 saturdays on top of my usual mon-fri shifts so actually have very little time to get all of my holiday shopping done :eek:.

Well ladies I shopped til I was ready to drop and picked up a fair few bargains :D. Plus think of all the calories I burned walking round the shops for hours on end :p.

I am still going to need to go shopping at least another 2 times though as nothing I have from last summer fits - its all too big!!!!!! :cool: !!!!!!
Hiya funkykat, ive had one of those weeks were i have been unable to withstand temptation with sweets, ive just finished my *week and i find i always crave sweet stuff because im quite run down after a period.

Sometimes its better to have a little treat, then start a fresh the next day....thats what ive done.

Today i have woken up and feel really bleh! and for no apparant reason....but my sons teacher said to me this morning OMG you have lost more weight...which has stopped me pigging out on the chocolate to make me feel better.

So i know how you feel hun.....sometimes its better to have your treat and then crack the whip and start again.

Good luck hun
Ruthy xxx