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EE and general enquiry!

Sorry - there is neither an EE nor a General section to ask enquiries in so I do apologise for posting here as I didn't know where else!

1. I've had a chicken curry tonight (scrummy) and want to know if I chose to do an EE day and have it with either a Jacket or Rice, would the tomatoes and mushrooms I pack it with count as the superfree please?

2. When using fat-free natural yoghurt to cook with - can it be re-heated when I have made the curry......ie can I make enough for 2 nights and nuke it or would I leave the yoghurt out and add it the following night.

3. 0% greek yoghurt - what can I do with that please - is it also syn free?

Many thanks and again I apologise for where I have placed these questions!!

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Hiya, general questions just go in the main SW forum. To answer:
1. yes mushrooms and tomatoes would count towards superfree, remember it's supposed to make up a third of your meal ideally.
2. personally I'd add the yogurt separately on day 2. Reheating isn't dangerous (as far as I know!) but it may separate and not look as nice
3. Greek yogurt can be spooned over fruit or you could syn some honey. afaik, the 0% is syn free

Hope the plan goes well for you x
firstly yes tomatoes and mushrooms are superfree, so will count towards your 1/3 superfree, of course they should equal about a 1/3 of your plate thought it possible.

I would personally add a dollop of the yoghurt on top of your curry when you serve it, rather than mixing it in. As fat free yoghurt can easily split if overheated.

and yes 0% plain greek yoghurt is free. I love it with fresh berries. Delicious!!
Thank you both very much for your responses, they make perfect sense and I am delighted to be armed with a bit more knowledge to give me more variety!! :)

Re the "slimming world section".............where is this? When I click on what I think is just SW it opens all the other sections up and I can't see any that is purely SW. Sorry to be dumb!! :sigh:



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When you go on Mini Mins weight loss Support forum just go down the list and you will come to SW and all the categories are there.:D on the left hand side

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