Embarrassing Poop issue from exante slim sip


Exante Weightloss Ninja!
Im doing exante 600, the only additions are physillium powder (to shakes etc for added fiber) black tea, water, fruit bursts and a slim sip maybe twice a day when my stoopid mind claims I'm hungry.

However im having a really embarrassing toilet related issue, I'm not constipated at all thanks to the physillium powder but the soft, not loose stools im passing are rediculously floaty. I'm talking multiple flushes, tissue layered over to try and get them to flush, they are a nightmare to flush away. I suspect the slim sip is the cause, because, ive always added the physillium powder (or husk) and not had this issue.

I've tried putting bleach down after the eecond failed flush thinking it might break up the floatyness and encourage it to flush but nope.

Help this is impressively embarrassing, any tips? Anything?
I haven't had too floaty - but squirty/liquid. Never trust a keto fart!

I thInk you'll do better just flushing again and again- as the paper will reduce the flush.

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