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Emotion you most struggle with re food

Think we are all aware that we are inclined to use food to sooth our feelings and calm us down at times but what emotion is most likely to make you turn to food. Have always thought I eat when I'm really happy (as a treat/reward etc) or when I'm sad to give myself a boost. But now being brought back down to basics with Lighter Life the one that really still makes me struggle is anger. When hubby (sorry) or kids or life is making me mad I really am tempted just to binge. Seem to now have the other emotions under control but this is one I still struggle with. (Makes me sound as if I'm full of rage - really am not!!) Interested in your views. Which is hardest for you and why do you think that is.
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i am with you on this one
happy yes, sad yes, but the worst one is anger!

and when i'm angry it makes me angrier eating , so it doesn't work!

i'm hoping that LL is going to sort me out - the gillian riley book ive read is good too (there have been threads about it)

daisy x


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Another interesting thread! I am realising I used food to quieten down a whole gamut of emotions,so for me its a difficult question to answer at the moment.If forced to give an answer I suppose feeling sad is probably the most difficult one for me.At the moment I'm not tempted to binge when I feel like that( black and white thinker- DO NOT CHEAT !!!:D), but OH has noticed I'm quieter.Don't know if that answers your question,but its certainly a learning curve.
Happy, sad and angry is me too.

This is what ive came to realise in the last week and is why i love lighterlife. A diet would never work if we couldnt overcome this emotional eating. When you look at it as eating when were happy, sad and angry we are comfort eating the majority of the time, generally were always in one of these moods or leaning more towards one or the other e.g 'feeling abit crap so il eat something nice' would come under sad. Its an on going struggle if this problem isnt addressed and thats what makes it life changing isnt it.

But yea i find that sad is the worst for me as i go into 'i give up' mode and for some reason think food will make me feel better.. it doesnt but i still do it over and over again.


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Difficult one, as I think ANY emotion could lead to me eating in the past to be honest - happy, sad, angry, euphoric - anything at all. Since starting LL the times that are the hardest are actually when I am most bored, or if not bored, then less busy than usual. So, that makes weekends the most difficult, which is frustrating in itself, as I used to value my weekends so much - now I want them over quickly so I can get back in to the hustle and bustle of work! I am actively looking for plenty of things to do at the weekends - the most successful activity seems to be shopping - and in particular for clothes, shoes, handbags, make-up.... :D
For me, it's definately boredom!
It's all about finding another outlet for it though!

For example,
my anger/rage/frustrations get taken out at the gym;
OK it's being taken out on myself, but in a good way (I think! :p )

Stress is delt with by wacthing a DVD or playing my Xbox360

Find an outlet that works for you! :)


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Definitely agree with the other 'Boys'

Boredom for me almost all the time


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For me it's using it as a treat. Like 'OH I've been good, I deserve it' or 'I feel like a treat'.

I'm learning to deal with everything else now and find other ditractions.

I need to learn that there are other ways to treat yourself other than f**d. I do find my self thinking this quite a lot before I go through a thought record in my mind then realise that I am being silly. Still plenty of time to come to grips with it though.


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Becks, I over came the treat thing with my LLC I used to always have the peanut bar it was my favourite. One night I said to her oh I will have a cranberry treat myself to something sweet. She had such a go at me, told me that food was NOT a treat. You know every single time I now think of having a treat I stop myself. Sounds very kill joy but if it works 80% of the time its good for me

I have to be with the boys on the food thing, boredom is my worst time. Still is, but thank heavens for thought records. Oh and the secret eating doesn't have calories thing :doh: who was I kidding.


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I think I'm one of the boys then. I'm bored, lets go try that new restaurant or go down the pub or have some friends around.

The other emotions I tend to shut down, a fugue it's called in extreme measures and I have been in hospital for it. I don't have the problem since changing husbands.;) I don't turn to food, I run, but those who now know me hide their car keys if I look like I'm about to blow or go under. 450 miles is the furthest I got before I was stopped.


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I eat when Im happy, sad, excited - any reason but i agree boredom is the biggest trigger. I've never cleaned out so much since starting LL !!!:D


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Hmm, boredom definetly plays a big part in my eating but the huge one for me and one I let get out of control before Christmas is sadness.
I eat to make me feel better and we all know it doesn't work but I "forgot" that and did it anyway.
Alone for about 4 weeks just before christmas and knowing I was going to be working right through until the 7th January and to top it all OH ended up stuck on a rig in the north sea for almost 4 weeks when he had only gone out for a week! Wasn't good for my waistline!!!

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