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Erin and feeling the bump move! lol

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Loves weight.. training!
We had a bit of a giggle earlier with Eldest trying to 'feel baby move'..

Baby was kicking like a good 'un at my naval - so got Erin to lay her hand there.. baby stopped kicking.. did this a few times...
So waited a while, with Erin off my bump, then placed her hand there.. she finally felt it move!
She was thrilled and laughed saying she thought baby had been waving it's bum at her to tease her each time she put her hand there! lol
I laughed at her and said baby was doing the 'kiss my ass' pose! lol
When she finally felt baby move, I said 'thats your sister'.. to which she said
'or it COULD be my brother waving his bum at me and laughing as I can't see his dangly bits'!
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Hopefully your bump moving forward will help in that matter. She wasn't overly certain on feeling it originally but it became a bit of a game! lol
Rhiannon puts her hand on and pretends the baby as kicked her then goes in to exaduration mode. She doesnt quite understand that for the baby to kick its not a bad thing, she is still to young to understand. Cant wait for her to feel it for real, going to just call it baby moving from now on lol

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
lol bless her! They're so cute aren't they! :)


My husband = My hero
Absolutely love this!

You all sound like you have wonderful children already!


Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Children are lovely! If you look beyond the rebelion against our expectations! lol
Thats about all u should feel for a wee while yet. I love when there bigger and u can see the belly move with them lol
Not yet. the antibiotics finished on tuesday. so wasnt expectin it to clear b4 that. Then we went camping for a few days so didnt put any cream on as i didnt wanna come out d cubicle covered in cream. Forgot all about it when i went for a shower this morning and washed myself with shower gel, and now im sore n itchy again!!!!

I hate baths. Not very often i ever go for them. unless i have loads of magazines to read..

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