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Erm, kind of embarrassed....



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u can use dulcolax, senokot (senna), husks and fibrogel.
each works differently to different ppl.
i didnt 'go' for 11 days and tried taking the dulcolax and senna for 5 days with no effect.
however, the fibrogel seems effective but make sure u only get the natural (green packet), not the lemon or orange flavoured.
GL, i was in agony so i know how it feels.
there is a remedy for a natural laxative made up of green tea, black tea, white tea and nettle tea, put them all in a cup of boiling water and allow to cool, then take the teabags out and drink immediately. i havent tried this but apparantly u MUST stay near a toilet as it works QUICK.
Thanks Cheryl, I'm a big wuss when it comes to drinking things like fybogel, so I think I'll get some senna, see how I go (pardon the pun!)


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lol, gl with it ruth.
i use the fibrogel with the sunshine orange flavouring (im a bit of a wuss too) . it goes down much easier that way.
thats why i havent tried the tea remedy as yet, cause its supposed to taste absolutely awful .
if i got really bad i would give it a go, especially if erm manual help is the only other option. lol
Waaaaah, I knew you'd laugh at me Sarah!

I'll bear the fybogel in mind, last resort methinks (not even contemplating the tea [euw]). I'd rather get an enema from work!!!

It's amazing the things we talk about to strangers!
Off to asda now!!


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funny how things work so differently for different ppl.
i took 2 dulcolax every day for 3 days then took 3 on day 4, all i got was the worlds worse tummy pains.
i have chronic IBS so im not sure if that might be part of my problem, although, before CD constipation was definately not something i suffered from, quite the opposite, i lived on imodium and took over the maximum dose (with permission from doctor) every single day.
when i went back to the doctors about constipation a few weeks ago she almost fell off her chair. lol
I'm back, hopefully I'll have something to report in the morning.
I'm back, hopefully I'll have something to report in the morning.

....very....'MOVING' thread (lol).....hope u feel better soon.....


Debz xxx
You all make me laugh so much!!!

Well, I've been, not as satisfactorily (is that even a word???) as I'd like, but it's a start, lets hope it gets things moving.

Thank you all for your concern, I feel so loved!
Well, I feel much much better now, still not quite complete, but I weigh a pound less now! lol.

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