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ever met anyone famous?

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Beppe from eastenders, he came into my local Mcdonals as his family lived in my town, infact I was friends with his cousins.

Cwith ubank lol seen him a couple of times in Brighton.

Bros haha when I was about 5!

Not very inspiring!
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caroline quentin,lived in same village as me, and her daughter went to playgroup with my daughter, offer to transport eachothers kids to school
ive met.
chris ellison from the bill
lorne and mark from car booty,ian kelsey from casualty. xx


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Henrik Larsson (ex-Celtic football player) - he was in the Early Learning Centre in my home town when I was younger and my Mum made me go ask for his autograph lol.

The White Stripes - both Jack and Meg before one of their gigs. :)

Craig that won the first big brother (scraping the bottom of the barrell here lol)

And the lead singer and drummer from the 69 Eyes (a Finnish band that aren't really all that famous but I love them haha)
When I was a lil girl I met Mother Teresa
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That is an amazing person to have met! I certainly can't top that lol. I have met (I don't know why I admit to some of these lol):

Neil (Dr) Fox!
The Krankies :eek: I was only about 6 so thought it was rather cool at the time!
John Nettles, and I sat on his lap, don't worry I was 7!
Bonnie Langford, again when I was about 6/7

And a cool one Sheryl Crow :D
Oh and an Irish folk band called Celtus, met them all a few times plus all their families, I was so obsessed with them at one time lol!

Oh and I walked past Stephen Hawking in Leicester Square, he had quite a few minders with him!
I used to go to a convent school and she visited there she shook my hand and kissed my forehead I was only 7/8 I have never ever forgotten her.
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I bet you haven't, wow that's amazing
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hmmmm....Boris Becker, Tim Henman, Greg Rusedskli (all at wimbledon obviously! lol) Philip Schofield, Various Welsh Rugby Players on a night out in Cardiff, Daniel Bedingfield, and just last week i met Syd From Eastenders- no one REALLY famous tho :-(
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I've met Miss Dimante and Laura White (1 of the finalist in X-Factor last year) :)

Laura White, me & my friend Stacey.. :)

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Lots, but they're all Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Horror authors, so most probably won't recognise the names. I've had pizza a couple of times with Stephen Moffatt (he who is taking over from Russell T Davies for next year's Doctor Who). My other half bumped into David Tennant on the Tube a few years ago. I also had Dave Gibbons as my Tai Chi instructor one day. That was strange :D
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I used to work at a massive Sainsburys in Vauxhall and it was and still is a place to spot celebs. ( I know this as I have friend who still work there!)

I am goign back about 9 years ago so here goes.
Kate Winslett ( Just before Titanic)
Joanna Lumley ( Ab fab days)
Jack davenport ( Post This Life)
Richard O Brien ( Way after Crystal Maze and that man is so skinny, my arms looked bigger tha his thighs!!)
Helen Mirren ( Prime Suspect Days and her husband Director Taylor Hackford)
Various chef and newsreaders from London Regional News and Ready Steady Cook.
Fiona Phillips (GMTV hey Day)
Naveen Andrews (Syed in Lost) Post Buddha or Suberbia but well before Lost!


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I live just around the corner from John and Norma Major -- I have seen her at the post office and him at Tescos. I said to both of them, "Please feel free to come over any time and have a go on the trampoline." They haven't shown up, yet.


Also, I have seen Princess Diana in Harvey Nichols (years ago -- she was being led through to "personal shopping"). I stood next to Maggie Smith in Harrold's when she was trying to buy highball glasses as a Christmas gift (very rude to the cashier). Saw George Michael in a Paris Nightclub (surrounded by minders) before people knew he was gay. Saw Denzil Washington at Planet Hollywood in London (he was being quite charming to the hostess), lots of these kind of things, etc.
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Why Be Normal?
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I forgot the best most recent almost met a famous person -- last fall I was in London with a group of American ladies, we were on our way to have dinner before we saw a show.

As we walked past this restaurant there were all these paps on the pavement outside. I said to one of the ladies I was with... "I wonder who they're stalking?" And, another lady answered, "Paris Hilton is in there."

So, we stopped and stood with the crowd for a minute or two waiting to see if she would come out or into view... then, I thought about what we were doing and said, "What are we waiting for? Paris Hilton? That tramp. She is an embarassment to Americans. Let's go to dinner." And, as soon as I said it -- not only did my group of ladies move on, but the whole pavement (photogs excluded) started to move on. LOL
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The guy that plays Spencer in Hollyoaks.
Sarah Harding, Suranne Jones from Corrie. Damien Kulash from OKGO. Dryden Mitchell from Alien Ant Farm.
Robbie Fowler in his Liverpool days, Damien Duff in his Blackburn days, Mikel Arteta, Roque Santa Cruz, Michael Johnson, Wilf McGuiness-in the VIP box at Old Trafford! And David Beckham, pre and post Posh
The perks of living in Manchester. :D
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I once saw a bloke who reminded me of david Essex at Jonesboro market, it wasn't him though.:rolleyes:

ETA: Just remembered I saw John Daly outside the Xtra Vision up town. He was filming his show at the Burnavon and I drove past in car. I bet noone knows who he is lol.
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