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evil pork scratchings



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I'll say it again Racheal, don't count the calories, lol!!! Anyway you will go off them & will never eat another one again. Believe me :( xx
I cant help it! I have gone off them already, along with bacon!

Eggs is next I fear, as long as chicken doent start making me gag we'll be alright haha
Listen to Jim, Rach! :D


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So true. I was for 30yrs & it got me nowhere! My weight was all over the place up & down all the time.
I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't count any calories on this only carbs. I was too frightened to think how many calories I was eating TBH. I can honestly say after 5 1/2 months I haven't counted any. :D

hahaha I have taken the calories option off of my fat secret chart :)
It's so hard though, when calorie counting comes as naturally as breathing for some of us...*sigh*
If you look a few posts back Waterworks I was the same for 30 years. I know it isn't easy, but I knew I wouldn't cope if I knew how many calories I was having. I'm losing weight so I don't care now & I don't want to know...simples :D
Cinta I saw your post about being able to look at a plate of food and near as dammit knowing what calories it contained - it could have been me who wrote that. :sigh:

But I'm taking a deep breath and letting that all go - I'm in my happy place now...;)
Oh, and Jools - pork scratchings are in fact evil - it took me three attempts to eat one, and that texture *shudder*

Partner loves them though. That man was made for Atkins. :D


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Might be in a club of my own - but I lurveeeee pork scratchings.:love:

A bag of pork crunch from Tescos fills my craving for something crunchy (and oh boy are they crunchy) after dinner - as long as the teeth hold up! :D

I like to have them for when everyone else is eating crisps. I hated them at first but they are growing on me, I can't cope with the soft ones though bleugh


Clean green leafy machine
Mmm know what you mean Rachael - I got some called Mr Chrunchy pork carckles from Tescos online - and they are revolting! Not as crunchy and layered one side with cold fat stuff, yuck!

Susie :)

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